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 The Theological School

Master of Arts 2023

Michael Iwuchukwu
A Christological Theodicy as a Christian Approach to the Problem of Evil

Matthew Charles May
Incorporating Youth: An Intergenerational Approach to Congregational Youth Practices

Keith S. Torregrossa
Experiencing the Divine in Nature

Master of Arts 2022

Nathan Blackwell
Canaanite Mother(s), Half-Breed Genealogies, and Rez-Dog Imaginaries: Reading for the Canine-ite Foremothers of Christianities Messianic Figure, or, How the Indigenous Women of Matthew's Genealogy Survived and Continue to Find Life

Master of Arts 2021

Reuven Pepper
Sovereignty Without Debt: The Political Theology of Jonathan Sacks

Master of Arts 2020

Janet O. Antico
Re-Imagining Tradition: Women's Leadership and Authority in the Roman Catholic Church

Robert B. Rotz
Pathway Toward A Natural Theology of Hope

Joshua Turpin
Reading Ruth Alongside Indigenous Histories in the United States

Master of Arts 2019

Kurt Vonn Houwen
Domesticating Desires: Metaethical Moral Sentimentalism and the Theistic Dietary Ethics of Biblical Judaism

Christopher Lee Scott Whitaker
The Episcopal Awakening: Black Power and the Struggle for Racial Inclusion

Sharon Kimberly Williams
The Africana Spirit in Music: Toward an Africana Pneumatology of Breath, Voice, and Fire

Master of Arts 2018

Saffet Abid Catovic
Islamic Environmentalism and Development of Elements of an Islamic Food Ethic in the Modern World

Jennifer A Maidrand
Echoes from Exile: An Eco-Political Reading of Creation and the Garden in Genesis 1-3

Jaeroc Seol
The Crowd, Populism, and Jesus in the Gospel of John

Master of Arts 2017

Nadia Bahoor
The Mandean Gnostic Religion

David Castaneda
On Christian Education in the Digital Age: The Socialization of a Transformed Epistemology and Key Implications for Pedagogy

Michael Droege
A Weed in the Church: modern youth ministry practice and its effect on mainline church attrition

Thomas Franklin Millary
American Hermetic: An Account of Human Purpose

Alexandra Marie Rosado-Roman
Sexual Citizenship in the Caribbean 1899-1956: Re-articulating Body Politics for Afro-Puerto Rican Women

Edward William Taylor
A Justice Interpretation of the Kingdom of God in Mark, Q, the Gospel of Thomas and the Didache

O'neil Scott Van Horn
Ground of Becoming: An Eartheology

Master of Arts 2016

Chungmi Kang
The Challenge of Interculturalism: Migration, Church, and Gender - Empowering Theo-Ethical Visions of South Korean Churches for Married Immigrant Women

Bumseok David Ko
The Practice of Hereditary Succession in Korean Church from the Perspective of Karl Barth's Ecclesiology

Master of Arts 2015

Somyong Kim
Hospitable Entanglements: Immigration, Apophasis and the Attitude toward "the Other"

Sangjung Lee
William Booth's View of Sanctification As the Theological Roots of The Salvation Army's Mission

Joseph Mukuna Nzeketha
Theology of the Cross: A Comparisson of Moltmann and Cone's View of the Cross as an Ecclesiological Symbol of Hope

Daniel Scott Ostlund
The Doctrine of Revelation in Karl Barth and James Cone: Knowledge, Encounter and the Disruption of Social Order

Kyongmook Ryu
Theopoetics in Multiple Relationships: A Sustaining and Transforming Process

Master of Arts 2014

Daniel J. Mininger
Priority Projects and Natural Complexes: Philosophy as a Mediator between Religion and Science

Jessica Ritter
Facing God: An Examination of How People Talk about God in an Inclusive Environment

Hyunte Shin
New Testament Eschatology and the Environmental Crisis of South Korea: Toward a Contextual Christian Environmental Ethic

Linda Wiggins-Edwards
The Pain and Hope of My People

Master of Arts 2012

Kwang Yu Lee
Play in human religious, pyschological, philosophical life for homeostasis

Master of Arts 2011

Steven Douglas Masters
Backpacking the Long Trail: Sacred Ritual in Vermont's Green Mountains

Master of Arts 1940

Ellwood Hsin-Pao Yang
A rural extension program for a Christian college in China based on a selective study of agricultural extension and general university extension in the United States of America

Doctor of Ministry 2024

Elrica Adams-Finney
Go Tell It On The Mountain: Justice Begins When The Vulnerable Are Heard. A Chaplain's Research in S. Africa and the US

Dre An
Practice of Christian Social Welfare through Spirituality

Sukhyun Bae
Research on Untact Spiritual Training for Faith Reform Movement: A Case Study of Daily Prayer School

Sherry Blackman
The Transformative Power of Creativity

Soniyyah Denice Blue-Key
Moving Beyond Diversity Theater: Approaching Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as a Form of Spiritual Formation

Eric Marcus Brewer
Healing Hidden Wounds: The Resilience of Black Men And The Impact of Their Spirituality Upon Their Grief Recovery

Hui Soo Choi
Healthy Church thriving with Local Community: A Case Study of Pyeongchon Church

Roberto Che Espinoza
Becoming Trans Trans Becoming: Towards a TransChristology

Mona Fitch-Elliott
Striving Toward Racial Equity in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

James M Gehrke
Walking the Sacred Journey: (Re) Discovering the Spiritual Significance of Pilgrimage in a Secular World

Woong Heo
DISC School for Congregational Relationship

Heekyung Kim
Global Citizen Education through Expanding Church's Publicity: A Case Study of Healing Church

Hyesook Kim
Family Community Ministry through the Meal Table

Seung Hyeon Kim
Crossovering Diasporic Korean Church: Recovering Church Identity through Tongdok

Heemoon Lee
Recovery of Biblical Koinonia: A Case Study of Central Methodist Church

Minho Lee
The Effect of Tong Preaching on Faith Development in the Generation MZ: A Case Study on the Youth Group of Jumunjin Methodist Church

Sunghun Lee
Tong Bible and Relationship with Neighboring Churches: A Case Study of Relationship with Yangju Area Pastors

Bonnie McCubbin
I Love to Tell the Story: A Pilgrimage Towards Racial Justice in The United Methodist Church

Douchan Na
An Impact of Tong Sermon on Young Adult Ministry: A Case Study on Haneulbit Young Adult Church

Byungho Park
Tong Bible and Evangelism for Non Churched Area: A Case Study of Hansi Mission

Jennifer Pick
Birthing Place: Placemaking as Wo/men's Work

Aemina Razzano
Trauma-Informed Care, Recovery, and the Authentic Self: A Practical Book for Spiritually Informed Communities

John Gottlieb Ruehl, IV
The Road to Emmaus: Bringing a Local Congregation into Conversation with the Asset Based Community Development Model

Jongoh Seo
A Study of EPIC for Faith Education of Next Generation: A Case Study of Seokgok Church

Seongsoo Sim
EPIC Ministry for Young Adults: A Case Study of Yeneung Young Adult Church

Mia Hash Sloan
Religious Trauma: How Religious Trauma has unjustly silenced Black women living with HIV in the Southeast Region of the US South and how religious trauma affects relationships with their faith communities

Adalí Efraín Vélez
Spiritual Practices Lead to Sustainable Social Justice: An Immigrant Expression

Patti V Weikart
From the Congregational Health Network to the Healing Tree: A New Model for Providing Collaborative and Equitable Care for Patients and Families Managing Sickle Cell Disease

Wendy Angela Williams
Why Does the African American Church Remain Silent on the Issue of Domestic Abuse? An Investigation and Implimentation of the Feminine Divine to Address the Problem

Claire Wu
Introduction to Cooperative Parish: Five Principles for Developing Homogeneous Parishes into Multicultural Cooperative Parishes

Doctor of Ministry 2023

Hanna R. Broome
Humiliation and Its Impact Within a Religious Framework

Sang Chul Chang
Carry on a Family Line of Faith to the Next Generation Through the Tong Bible School : Focusing on 300 Families of Seosan Church Tong Bible School and 21st Century Leader School
통(通) 성경 학교를 통한 다음 세대로 믿음의 대(代) 잇기 : 서산교회 300가정 통(通) 성경 학교와 21세기 리더 학교를 중심으로

Sung Hwan Cho
A Study on the Growth of Laity Faith Through "One on One Discipling" : Focusing on the Case of Chungil Church
일대일 제자 양육 을 통한 평신도 신앙 성장에 대한 연구 : 충일교회 사례를 중심으로

Jinwook Chung
Biographical Storytelling of David in a View of Transformational Faith
변형적 신앙의 관점에서 본 다윗의 전기적 스토리텔링

Leonilde Colon Jr.
Social and Political Engagement Through a Pentecostal Framework in a Post-COVID Era

Julio A González-Paniagua
The United States Latin American Immigration Crisis: A Theological, Historical, and Educational Approach for Restitution
La crisis migratoria latinoamericana de Estados Unidos: Un enfoque teológico, histórico y educativo para la restitución

Sang Min Heo
A Story of Corinthian Church as Our Story : A Study of Issues of Korean Churches with a Lens of Corinthian Church
고린도 교회 우리의 이야기 : 고린도 교회로 보는 한국 교회 문제 고찰

Heather Hill
Worshipping the Full Genderedness of God: Episcopal Liturgy That Embraces the Feminine Part of God

Marion Ryan Hubbard
A Faith-Based Support Group For Adults Who Experienced Childhood Trauma

Kwangsong Jeon
The Kingdom of Priests and Ancient Empires: A Postcolonial and "Tong" Reading of Daniel 1-6
제사장 나라와 고대 제국: 탈식민주의와 “통”(通)으로 다니엘 1-6장 읽기

Sun O Jeong
Tong Bible Education for Ministers : A Case Study of Lecturer Courses at Bible Tongdokwon
목회자 통성경 교육 연구 : 성경통독원 렉처러 코스를 중심으로

Daewoung Jo
A Study on the Relationship Between Lesslie Newbigib's Missional Church and Bi-Vocational Ministry: A Practical-Theological Analysis
네슬리 뉴비긴의 선교적 교회와 겸직 목회의 관계에 대한 실천신학적 고찰

Gyehyeon Jo
MZ Generation's Application of Faith Education Through Tong Bible Program : Focusing on the Field of Christian Education
통성경 프로그램을 통한 MZ세대의 신앙교육 적용방안 : 기독교교육 현장을 중심으로

Jonghwa Kim
The Crisis and Countermeasures of Korean Church School Mission : Focused on the Case of Myongji High School
한국교회 학원선교 위기와 대책 : 명지고등학교 사례를 중심으로

Youngwoo Kim
Church and Ministry in the New Normal Era with EPIC
EPIC을 통한 뉴노멀 시대의 교회와 목회

Bokeum Kwon
A Study On The Church That Attracts The Young Generation First : Focusing On The Case Of Jeonju University
젊은 세대들이 먼저 찾아 오게 하는 교회에 대한 연구 : 전주대학교 사례를 중심으로

Kwanglyel Lee
Bible Prayer and Holistic Spiritual Formation at Tong Bible School
통성경학교의 성경기도와 통전적 영성 형성

Saya Lee
A Research on the Direction of Online Church Content Development in the Post-Pandemic Era: Focusing on the Case of Yangrim Church in Gwangju
포스트 팬데믹 시대의 온라인 교회 콘텐츠 개발 방향 연구: 광주양림교회 사례를 중심으로

Teresita Matos-Post
Comadre Leadership Among Protestant Latinas/X: Bridging the Struggle With Strengths

Kevin Ian Middleton
Another Way: Sustaining the Health and Longevity of Black Urban Churches Through a Co-Vocational Framework

Lewanda Denise Miller
From Transactional Leader to Transformative Collaborator: Paradigm Shift of Black Church Leadership

Daeho Oh
A Study on the Validity and Direction of Online Worship in the COVID-19 Era : Focused on the Case of Gwanju Yangrim Church
코로나 시대 온라인 예배의 타당성과 방향에 관한 연구 : 광주양림교회 사례를 중심으로

Sean Seokman Park
A Family Ministry for Young Adults : A Case Study of Korean Community Church of New Jersey
청장년 세대를 위한 가정사역 : 뉴져지연합교회 청장년부 사례를 중심으로

Stephen Mark Rhoads
Camino Transcendence in the Worship Experience

Byoung Geun Song
A Study on EPIC Model for Development of Small Group : A Case Study of Ganeungjeil Church, Korea
소그룹 발전을 위한 EPIC 모델 연구: 가능제일교회 청년부 소그룹 사례연구

Reginald W Steele
Processing Transformation: Reshaping Survival Mode Dynamics in The Black Church

Alexis Carter Thomas
The Eight Week Womanist Workshop: Can Womanist Theology be a Source of Liberation for Black Churchwomen?

Helen Elizabeth Love Tu'uta
The Practice of Joy: A Model of Transformation for the Individual or Church

Tirzah R. Turner
Dismantling Foundations of Racism Within White Christianity in the United States: A Survey of Faith-Based, Anti-Racism Education

Charles Lee Watterson
Male Identified Network (MIN): Utilizing the Themes of Radical Hospitality and Imago Dei as the Foundation for Building New Metrics Amongst Men in the Open and Affirming Churches in the Metropolitan Association of United Church of Christ

Dayhige M Wright
Fostering Effective Intergenerational Relationships Through Pastoral Care in the Black Church

Sung Joon Yun
Building the Church at Our Workplace and its Biblical Foundations
일터에 세우는 교회 형성 및 그 사역의 성경적 본질 연구

Doctor of Ministry 2022

Sushama Meredith Cleva Austin-Connor
A Theology of Liberative Wellness for Black Women Clergy

Kyoung Seog Chang
Spiritual Pilgrimage for Faith Maturation

Jungkyu Choi
Holistic Development of the Congregation through Tong Sermon : A Case Study of Habseong Church, Masan, Korea

Demar Felix Fearon
Social Justice Preaching in the Seventh-day Adventist Church

Amanda Rose Hemenetz
Incorporating Difficult Conversations in Worship

Tae Soon Im
A Strategy of Re-Mission : From Taker to Giver

Seungkwon Jang
A Meal Table Community for Re - Church - A Case Study of Seonam Church

Chanil Jung
A Ministerial Method for Ubiquitous Church: A Case Study of Hansomang Church, Paju, Korea

Scott Morrison Kershner
Experiences of Native American Students at Susquehanna University and the Renewal of Chaplaincy in Higher Education

Yunmin Kim
Church Education in the Age of the New Normal : A Case Study of Saejungang Church, Anyang, Korea

Jaewoo Lee
The Tong Bible for the education of the next generation: A Case of High School of Healing Church in Korea

San Ho Lee
Nurturing mission of Military Church through One to One Bible Study : A Case Study of Military Churches in Korea

Sehee Lee
Family Faith Education for the next generation in the untact era : A Case Study of Hansomang Church, Paju, Korea

Teaira M. Parker
Mobilization: Solidarity through Anti-Racist Training

Zhaodeng Peng
The Andrew Movement

Ruthann Reid
Live and Let Die: Embracing The Life, Death, And Grief Cycles In The African American Church

Richard M Romero
Experiences of Hispanic United Methodist Clergy Serving in Cross-Cultural and Cross-Racial Appointments in the Greater New Jersey Conference of the United Methodist Church

Iraida Ruiz de Porras
From Darkness to Light: Finding Hope, Growth, and Life in a Multi-Cultural Spiritual Wilderness

Cathleen Sklenar-Studwell
Come and See: How the Invitation to Abide in the Gospel of John and First John Can Impact a Congregation's Understanding of Its Ministry

Kellie Turner
Burn the Damned Cape: The Correlation Between the Neglect of Self Care and the Abuse of Power by African American Male Clergy

Sarah Marie Welch-Pomerantz
Biblical Covenants, Polity, and the United Church of Christ

Zuline Gray Wilkinson
Scarcity, Poverty, and Theology: Tensions for the Courageous Leader

Doctor of Ministry 2021

Nathan Addo-Nartey
Developing A Church-based And Laity-led Bereavement Ministry For Integrated And Sustainable Sozo-healing

James Henry Alexander
"Beginning a Good Work": Embracing the Model of Nehemiah for Pastoral Transitions

Miles Travis Boyd, Jr.
Redefining the Position of an African American Baptist Church for the Millennials through Social Justice in the 21st century: LGBTQIA+

David K. Brawley
Where Do We Go From Here? Sacred Memory in a Black Church Context

Elizabeth Munro Breakey
Journeying through transition: A case study in the application of Bowen Family Systems Theory for parish ministry

Shannon Patricia Daley-Harris
Sustaining Sisterhood: The Power of Spiritual Retreats for Women Leaders in the Children's Movement

Alton Craig Dunn
Moving From Transactional Action to Relational Gathering: Towards Mobilizing Communities for the Common Good

Sela E. Finau
A Moana Navigator on a Voyage: Following Jesus and Creating Third Space Faith Communities

Jamel Javon (J.J. Flag) Flag
Turning Away from Ableism: Journeying Toward a More Radically Inclusive Church for People with Disabilities

Megan L. Foley
Enacting Public Theology Through Effective Religious Institutions: Learning Through Congregational Quarantine in The Pandemic Year 2020

Scott D. Foster
Doing Beloved Community: Building Relationships in Public Squares

Audette Danielle Fulbright Fulson
ChangeCrafting: A Praxis of Deep Change Work

Junwoo Jang
Pursuing a Missional Church in a Mission Field: A Study of a Relational/Spiritual Church at Krabi in Thailand

Sungbong Jin
A Study of The Bible Tongdok during Feast of Tabernacles

Harold R. Jolley
Developing A Matthew 25 Church

Kyungchan Jun
Tong Story Sermon for Faith Growth: A Case Study of Okahandja Park Church, Namibia

Hyunjoon Kim
A Model of Teaching Ministry for Missional Church: A Case Study of Building the Gospel Project at Sekwang Church in Ilsan, Korea

Seongmoo Kim
An Empathic Ministry for 3040 Newly-Wed Couples : A Case Study of Healing Church, Seoul, Korea

Todd E. Leach
Action Needed: Incorporating Justice in the Mission of a White Moderate Church

Arturo Pierre Lewis
An Approach to Transitioning a Predominantly White Congregation to Embrace a Multiracial Multicultural Worship Experience

Pamela Masten
Defining and Developing a Congregational Care Plan in a Large Urban Church

Brandon McLauchlin
More Than Sunday Service: The Flow of an Incarnational Life

Sonya McMillan
The Impact of Societal Change on a Traditional Church

Brian Moll
The Only LGBTQuestions That Matter: A Study Guide for loving our LGBTQ neighbors well

Lydia Esther Munoz
Decolonizing and Decentering Whiteness in Christian Worship: Creating a Liberating Liturgical Practice in the Public Square

Elijah Mwitanti
The Holy Spirit Upon All Flesh: Acknowledging and Applying the Gifts of Women in the Church as a New Mission Paradigm in Zambia

Youngsuk Nam
Tong Sermon for Children at a Military Church : A Case Study of Sunday School in Korean Army Training Center Church

Daekyu Oh
Church Growth through Evangelism and Alpha Course : A Case Study of Kwangyoung Joongang Church

Daniel Park
Training and Empowering Laity for Divine Healing Prayer

Ryan D. Smith
Teaching Human Rights: A Curriculum for Religious Leaders

Kwangsoo Song
Bible Tongdok as a Curriculum of Teaching Ministry: A Case Study of the One Year Bible Tongdok at Korean Church of Atlanta UMC

Jennifer R. Stiles Williams
Theater and the Church: A Theatrical Theology of Discipleship, Public Theology and Social Resistance

Ronald J. Sullivan
The Biblical Urgency of Multiculturalism in the Black Church

Frances Snelling Teabout
Preparing for Battle: Equipping Pastors and Lay Leaders to Identify and Mediate the Symptoms of Urban Trauma, Specifically Suicide

Elaine Ellis Thomas
The Mile Square Cathedral: The Church as Community Healer

Marisa Tabizon Thompson
That We All May Be One: Toward a Deeper Understanding of Ethics in Ecumenism in The Episcopal Church

Amanda Todd
The Goose Talks, Public Theology, and God's Forgiving Love: Matthew 18:15-17 in Action

John H. Vaughn
Faith, Activism, and Sports: Black Athletes of Faith Engaged in United States Professional Team Sports

Angel L. Vélez Oyola
La Teología como propedéutica para el desarrollo de un modelo de Justicia Social Penitenciaria

William Edward Waller III
Organizing Local Churches for Social Justice

Mitchell John Wood
Love in the Age of Apocalypse: How to Spiritually Awaken and Transform Trauma for the Liberation of the World through the Power of Nonbinary Consciousness, Intersectionality, and the Fluidity of Identity

Anita R. Wright
The Quilt: Preaching, Teaching, and Testimony as Storytelling

Taekyoung You
Reorientation of the Church with EPIC for Evangelism Project: EPIC Open House Sunday of Miraero Church

Taekwang Yu
Designing a Healing Praise Worship: A Case Study of Healing Church, Seoul, Korea

Doctor of Ministry 2020

Rev. Wendy L. Abrahamson
Be Still and Know that I am God: Parish as Spiritual Life Center

Johnnie Brooker
The Role of the National Baptist African American Female Clergy: Shifting the Culture Using Liberation to Empower the 21st Century Church

Jaekwang Kim
Tong Bible Family Worship

Myungchul Kim
Recovery of Publicness: Tong Sermons on the Kingdom of God for Young Adult Group of Ilsan Somang Church, Korea

Taikjo Kim
Teaching the Bible and the Doctrine through Stories at Military Churches in Korea

Jimmy A. Lalljie
Return to Missio Dei: Initiating Missional Transition in a Small Church

Jeongwook Lee
Forming of the World View of the Youth and Tong Bible: A Case Study of Youth Group at Habseong Church, Masan, Korea

Bonnie Mixon McCrickard
Stories of Growth and Decline: Examining the Measurement of The Episcopal Church's Efficacy

Kyoungchan Min
Singing Together to Become Incarnational Church: Creative Arts Education for EPIC Generation

Jeffrey P. Moore
The Practice of Polydoxy in Polyrepresentational Parishes

Timothy Nicinski
The Center for Spiritual Renewal at Centenary University: A space that will provide spiritual growth, mindfulness tools and strategies for those experiencing workplace stress

Daewon Park
EPIC Worship for EPIC Generation: A Study of Good Friday Service at Youngeun Church, Seoul, Korea

Gideok Park
Evangelism with Six Atonement Stories: A Case Study of Gumijeja Church, Gumi, Korea

Jason L. Robinson
Transitioning and Transforming a Ministry Through Effective and Efficient Leadership

Seongeun Song
Personal Evangelism through Coaching : A Case Study of Life Church, Incheon, Korea

Chanel Speaks-Green
Justice and the Justified: A work of revitalization and exploration of justice theologically and socially through the ministry of outreach within the African American Pentecostal Church

Elon J. Sylvester
Worship as an Illumination of the Ethnic and Deep Cultural Conflicts That Occur with Pastors Serving in Cross-Cultural Pastoral Appointments in the New York Conference of the United Methodist Church

Doctor of Ministry 2019

Daehyun Bang
A Study of Children's Bible Tongdok A Case of Daeheung church, Ulsan, Korea

Pamela Lynn Davis
Faith and Abortion: Listening to Pentecostal Women's Stories, Seeking Ethical Church Responses

Paul Anthony Douglas Walfall
Evaluating the Experience of Racism by Black Clergy Persons within the Intercultural Vision of The United Church of Canada

Michelle Ford
An A.C.T of Fear: The Motivation of Women in Christian Leadership

Roy Grubbs
Abundant Life

Taegyun Kim
A Study of Congregational Transformation through Tong Bible Education A Case of Adult Class of Sionsung Church, Korea

Heejo Lee
Impact of a Small Immigrant Church through Community Outreach A Case Study of Livingston Korean United Methodist Church, New Jersey, U.S.A.

Michelle Maldonado
Reaching Latinx Millennial Spiritual Seekers as The United Methodist Church

Katherine J. Myers
Hip Hop | Spoken Word | Poetry and Story-Telling: A Pedagogy for Christian Religious Education

Joanne E. Ponnwitz
Catechist Certification: Challenges of On-Going Faith Formation, Diocese of Paterson, New Jersey

Veronica Price
Challenges Posed by Traditional Ordination Processes for Female Ministers in the Black Church and an Exploration of Alternatives

Valerie Denise Pyles
Theological Responses To Sex Offenders: How The Faith-Based Community Can Assist in The Reduction of Sex Offender Recidivism

Jiman Ryu
Family School for Inter-generation Faith Education with Tong Bible A Case Study of Hyunheung Church, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea

David A. Shaw
The Eye of the Needle: Christian Investment Practices in the Local Church

Ildu Song
A study of the kingdom of God and the parables of Jesus in the synoptic gospels a case of bible study of Hyunpung Church, Daegu, Korea

Anna Thomas
An Anglo-American Church Facing Change: Strategies to Guide Transitions in Ministry with Immigrants

Alan Patrice Walker
Cracking, Widening & Shattering the Stained-Glass Ceiling: Providing a Pathway to Ordination & Consecration for African-American Pentecostal Women

Bancroft Williams
Community and Spiritual Care of Young Adults of the Caribbean Diaspora

Helen Wingate
Expanding the Evangelistic Boundaries of Christian Education to Reach Millennials in the Greater Faith Baptist Church, Bronx, N.Y.

Doctor of Ministry 2018

Shon Toinette Adkins
Enhancing the Culture of Welcoming at the Church With a Big Heart

Hyginus Agu
Ibo Catholic Community Church of Bridgeport: The Challenges of Liturgical Worship and Practices in Urban American Church

Youngjune Bae
Tong Bible Reading for Family Church: A Case Study of Namil Church, Geumsan, Korea

Jimmy Todd Bardin
Pilgrimage as a Means of Spiritual Formation

Janeide A. Chillis
A Theology of Disability Toward Faith & Healing

Hyeon Soo Cho
Preaching to young Koreans: The Images of Jesus as revealed in their life experiences, faith stories, and prayers

Jovan Troy Davis
A Complete Overhaul of the Guests to New Discipleship Assimilation System of St. John Missionary Baptist Church

Jinyoung Ha
Ministerial Functions of Tong Bible School in a Local Church: A Case Study of Ganghwa Bethany Methodist Church, Incheon, Korea

Bruce Hartman
Go Where the People Are: Analyzing Social Media and Methods for Delivering Faith-Based Messages

Shane Hilliard
Making Disciples: A Church in Transition Within The Community of God

Duck Young Hwang
Recovery of Holistic Mission : A Case Study of Saejungang Church, Anyang, Korea

Clifford Anthony Jones
Oh Fix Me: Modifying Worship Primarily in Black Churches to Foster Resonance and Affection for Negro Spirtiuals among Young Adult Blacks ages 21-38

Jeffrey Kanode
Sacred Story Space

Willie J Keaton
Mass Incarceration and Pastoral Care

Hyeok Jin Kweon
Tong Bible Program for Young Adult Ministry: A Study of Saesoon Church, Changwon, Korea

Charolette Hagan Leach
My Spiritual Calling: A Journey of Encouraging Health and Wholeness

Dong Choul Choul Lee
Holistic Education for Ministry of New Members: A Case Study of Sun Chang Church and JangYuDaeSung Church, Korea

Fernando Linhares
Walk With Me: Liberation Theology and Critical Theory within Prison Ministry

Marie Von Delle McCormick
Being Church in the Borderlands: An Exploration of Ministry and Mission of Rincon Congregational United Church of Christ with Central American Migrants and Refugees

Carol Marie McEntyre
Exploring Ppstmodern Worship: Worship Innovation in a Traditional Baptist Church

Kyungmin Min
Tong Bible Learning for Understanding the Words of the Congregation: A Case Study of Tamra Church, Jeju, Korea

Moonsung Na
Systematic and Organic Administration for Tong Ministry : A Case Study of Saejungang Church, Anyang, Korea

In Cheon Oh
A Study of Reading the Bible Through for Children: A Case of GwangMyung Seohyun Church, Gwang-Ju, Korea

Liston Page, Jr.
Interpreting the Ancient Archaic Text Using Contemporary Pedagogical Methods for Church Growth

Jaekwan Park
EPIC Church Education Program for Postmodern Generation: A Case of Saejungang Church, Anyang, Korea

Renee Ann Pistone
The Transformative Power of the Ministry of Hospitality

Rickey L. Randall, Jr.
Building the Capacity of Spiritual Care Givers to Minister to the Cultural Trauma of Care Seekers

Hector Rivera
The Mañana Project: Toward a Theology of Incarnational Eschatology as a Catalyst in Fomenting a Sense of Self-Esteem within the Homeless Latino Immigrant Population in Central Islip, NY

Sang Jun Shin
Tong-Bible Reading with Facebook: A Study of Reading the Bible through with Social Media

Louis D. Threatt
A Ministry of Presence: Creating a "Re-Entry Church" that is a deliberative response to the trauma of Mass Incarceration

Sebrina Trent Elmore
Creating a Space Toward Healing Through Grace Within the African American Church and Community

Douglas Adrian Wilkins
Sports Evangelism: a New Tool to Minister to African American Men in Various Communities

Brian Williams
This is What Our Church Used to Do: Reconnecting Our Community to Municipal Resources in the Midst and Aftermath of Natural Disaster

Jung Mo Yang
Tong Preaching in a Context of Congregational Visitation : A Study of Visitation Ministry in Saejungang Church, Anyang, Korea

Doctor of Ministry 2017

Dave Kelvin Allen
Who Are My Congregants? Identifying Strategies for Church Growth on Our Community

Josias Andujar
Lessons from a Church Merger

Holale C. Azondjagni
From the Pew to Mission Field: Raising Missionary Support

Vivian Balasu-Addo
Asset-Based Community Development: Mobilization of the Peki Dzake Community in Ghana for School Renovation

Carla Calizaire
Evangelism and the Margins: Living Jesus' Transformational Narrative of Love and Outreach

Mattie Ard Carmon
Equipping the Saints for Ministry: Following A Spiritual Formation Process

Wilbur Golden Carmon Sr.
Strengthening Spiritual Formation in Mt. Zion AME Church of Plainfield, New Jersey to Include Community Missional Goals and Readiness

Andre Gene Carr Jr.
Create a Contemporary Service in Order to Form a Postmodern Hermenutic for Worship in the Middle District Baptist Association

Melvin Andrew Davis
The Millennial Generation: building a legacy in the African American rural faith community through connectional relationship

Craig Buster Gaddy Sr.
Revitalizing the mens ministry at Friendship Baptist Church establishing a new identity of Christian manhood

Clinton Craig Hoggard
Can Preaching Bring Lapsed Members Back While Inviting New Members

Kimberly Karlette Holmes
Acting Out Our Justice Prayers

Herbert LaVal Jenkins
The Elephant in the Room: Analyzing and Restructuring Congregational and Clergy Anger

Joseph Jung
A Study of John Wesley's Social Sanctification based on Christian Worldview: A Curriculum "Spirituality in Daily Lives" Development for Discipleship Training

Kiwan Kim
A Study on Biblical Relationship Prayer for Church Renewal: A Case of Hwikyung Church in Seoul, Korea

James Jeounghun Koo
Congregational Revitalization Through Small Group Ministry at Cokesbury United Methodist Church

David Murphy
Rediscovering Our Spiritual DNA

Nichelle LaNae Nelson
Social Justice And The Church And Senior Pastor's Role in Providing Ministry to Meet Community Need

Craig Pender
Developing A Community of Care Bereavement Ministry

Tammy Peoples
Transforming Congregations to Engage Community From the Inside Out

Yangsup Shim
A Study of the Lord's Supper as a Solution to the [schisma] Situation in the Church Community: With a Focus on the Case of the Heavenly Community Church of the Korean Methodist Church, Gangneung, Korea

Heeyeoun Son
Equipping Pre-Retirement Korean-Americal Christian Nurses for Post-Retirement Service as Senior Medical Missionaries

Jeehoon Song
A Study of Worship School as a Context of Adult Faith Education: A Case of Young Adult Ministry of Eunsung Church in Namyangju, Korea

Alpher Kirton Sylvester
Developing a Community Experience to Include an Alternative Worship Service to Reconnect and Retain Millennials' Participation Within Grace United Methodist Church, St. Albans, New York

Jessica Taylor
Developing a Testimony Training Program for Women that will Provide Instruction for Participants to Give Biblical and Effective Testimony at St. Luke Baptist Church in Harlem, NY

Robert A. Thompson
The Hunger and Thirst for Justice: Barbershop Ministry Initiative - Shaping Heads for the Future

Tevita Fotoifli Vaikona
Restoring Interest and Participation of Young Adult Tongans in the First United Methodist Church of San Bruno, California

Daewon Youn
A Study on Alienation in a Local Church: A Case of Andong Church in Andong, Korea

Doctor of Ministry 2016

David Ahn
How the "Ae Deul" Second Generation Korean Americans Can Become Responsible Christian Adults

Christopher Carl Aiken
Chaplains' Support of Staff

George Akins, Jr.
Practices in Faith Formation and Discipleship Towards the Next Generation Church at Refuge Temple Church of God in Christ, Englewood, New Jersey

Nora Elizabeth Colmenares
From Sameness to Multicultural: Lessons from the Journey

Robert S. Feinberg
Leaving Home and Moving In: A New Chapter in a Congregation's Life

Donggu Kang
The Utilization of "Tong Bible Guide" for Small Group Bible Reading: A Case Study of the Methodist Church with Vision, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea

Koungtae Kang
A Study on Bible Tongdok in the Comprehension of Sermon: A Case Study of Moohak Church, Seoul, Korea.

Gwangjung Kim
The Benefits of Tong Bible Quiet Time in Congregational Development: A Case Study of Tong Church, Gwangju Metropolitan City, Korea

Hansung Kim
A Study on the Bible Listening through the "Tong Bible" Method: With Focus on 48 Hours Chronological Order of the Bible Listening and Listening to the Bible 10 Times in One Year.

Munyeoun Kim
A Study on the Influence of Biblical Faith in Church Building Construction: A Case Study of Dukjang Church, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Seungmo Ko
The Impact of "Narraphor Preaching" with the "Tong Bible Formula" on the Congregational Development: A Case Study of Haman Jungang Methodist Church

Kyeoung Soo Lee
The Reformation of the Household Church Worship: Finding Effective Ways of Leaving Spiritial Legacies to the Next Generation

Jinsuck Lee
A Study on the Influence of Tong Bible Reading in the Mobilization of Vocational Mission: A Case Study of Kyeong-Nam Provincial Police Agency Christian Association

Byungjae Moon
A Study of the Influence of Tong/Narraphor Preaching on Congregational Development: A Case Study of Hana Church

Steven Neal
Experiencing and Expressing Shalom as Spiritual Formation

Kelley Eileen O'Connor
Surviving the Storm:Church Online 24/7

Geritza Olivella
Ways to create a process to develop a denominational profile of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Puerto Rico

Carol Lynn Patterson
Gathered for Worship and Word: Scattered to Witness to the World

Theresa H. Smith
Equipping Leadership for Servanthood Discipleship

Gregory Kyle Stanislaus
Finding the Formula for Connecting the Church in the Lives of Teenagers/Young Adults

Monty Witherspoon-Brown
Soul Food Theology: The Proclamation of Health and Wellness

Kwangseog Yun
A Study on Faith Growth through One Year Reading of Tong Bible: A Case Study of Eoyang Church, Jeollabuk-do, Korea

Doctor of Ministry 2015

Steven D. Allen
Ministry-Leadership: Toward Improved Leadership Effectiveness

Erin Ryan Avery
Pilgrimage and Perambulation:The Sacred Journey To Centerness Within the College Labyrinth

Jefferson W. Bannister
Exploring Narratives in Supernatural Healing at Grace Church of God, Brooklyn, NY

Jean Blackie
Telling Our Stories: People in a Rural Community Uncovering Spiritual Strengths

Jeffrey Russell Crawford
A Trinity of Love: The Formation of Christian Community in Worship

Gregory J. Dover
Every Member a Minister?: (Re)Claiming the Priesthood of All Believers

Amy Fetterman
From Stories to Sisterhood: An Intergenerational Community of Women

Gloria Faye Fields
Assist the Widowed Women of Maple Hill African Methodist Episcopal Church Discover Their Gifts and Talents for Active Ministry

Jeremy Bartley Francis
Becoming Christ's Letter: Preaching Life's Experiences at Estridge Moravian Church, St. Kitts

Alfred Frank
Stories of Faith: Evangelization Through Narrative

Monis George
Examining the Impact of Integrated Christian Activities for Improving Inter-Generational Relationships in Indian Pentecostal Churches

Patrick Bowman Gordy-Stith
A Little Child Shall Lead Them Back to Communion and Community

Thomas E. Hancock
Using Family Systems Theory to Equip Leaders and Improve Congregational Health at Harrison United Methodist Church

Marella Holmes
Psalm Styles:Using Selected Psalms in a Lenten Bible Study as an Introduction to Reading as a Spiritual Discipline for Elementary Students at the Shiloh Baptist Church in Trenton, New Jersey

Alexander Graham Houston
How to Effectively Engage in Ministry With the Millennial Generation

Paul Bruce Hutchison
Constantly Becoming

Gloria Elaine Jimpson
Perspectives From a Theological Workshop Using Arts and Humanities: Interventional Aids to Assist Older Christians with Death Anxiety

Byron W. Kaiser
Spiritlunking Biblical Caves: Probing the Depths of Context For Narraphors That Support Transformation and the Practice of Doing Small Things With Great Love

Zayzay Gwepougee Kpadeh
Establishing A Biblically And Theologically Based Social Justice Ministry To Address The Issues Of Liberian Immigration And Acculturation In The United States

Valerie Denise Lewis-Mosley
Sankofa, Aggiornamento and Jubilee: Recalling Yesterday, Envisioning Today and Imagining Tomorrow: Black Catholic Lay Women Evangelizing the Church

Joyce Renee McDonald
Engaging Young Adults:Re-Igniting a Passion and Curiosity About God

Donald Medley
Deep & Wide: The Effective Use of Semiotics, Imagery, Technology and Social Media in Preaching

Roderick Merritt
Preaching to the Tattoos and the Tambourines

Willie Lee Moody
Chosen Generation Community Church: Exploring Indispensible Factors In Living An Effective Christian Life

Larry Oksten
C.L.O.W.N. Squad - Learning to Creatively Love Our Wonderful Neighbors

Simon Kehinde Osunlana
Investigating the Effects of Cultural Inclusivity on St. John United Methodist Church Through the Use of a Created Bible Study Series

Langdon Palmer
Re-Encountering the Apostles' Creed in an Emerging Church Context

Young Gwan Gwan Park
For the Spiritual Journey of the Korean Immigrant Church: From the Christian Spirituality of Chaoskampf Through the Hopeful Practice of Liberation, To the Peaceful Fellowship of Sabbath Rest-Shim

Patrick M. Quinn
Discovering the "We" in the "Me" of Social Media: Preaching Utilizing a Social Media Ministry Team

Darlene Edna Ruidisch Resling
"Come and See," Experiencing Different Missional Styles: A Pilot Program in Shared Ministry Appointments

Zavette D Smallwood
Equipping 22nd Century Leaders: Developing Fishers of Humanity With Strong Effective Knots in Their Nets

Alydia Rae Francine Smith
Keeping The Fire Burning (Without Getting Burnt); Helping Worship Leaders Maintain Their Passion For Ministry Through Resiliency Training

Jennifer Weddle Smith
Thriving in Ministry: Investigating the Impact of Participation in Wholistic Clergy Wellness Incubator Groups on Clergy Self-Evaluation of Wellness

Pamela J. Stanley
New Member Assimilation: Closing The Back Door Through Systemic Membership Management

Arden Charles Strasser
Ritual and Congregational Healing

Ivelisse Valentin
It's All About Language: Towards and Intercultural Youth Ministry

Kenneth Yelverton
iBelong: Using Sermon-Based Small Groups As A Catalyst For Building Healthy Relationships That Promote Community and Member Retention

Bronwyn E. Yocum
A Calling Confirmed: Exploring the Spiritual Impact of Ordination in the United Methodist Church

Doctor of Ministry 2014

Carl A Bannister
Managing conflict in the life of a congregation at a Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Angela Michele Battle
Empowering the Single Women of Mount Zzio African Methodist Episcopal Church Ages 25 to 50 to Identify Their Spiritual Gifts for Use in the Congregation

Calvin Arthur Birch
A Roadmap for Growing and Developing the Immigrant Church: A Case Study of the African Christian Community Church of Richmond, Virginia

Deborah Kathleen Blanks
Keeping Holy Time: Embracing Sabbath as a Life Practice at Princeton University

Debra Moorman Bradshaw
Sweet Spirit - Gone But Not Gone: Moving From Grief to Healing Before, During and After the Death of a Loved One

James Phillip Campbell
The Apple Didn't Fall Far From the Tree - Meeting the Woman Who Formed the Lord

David Wallace Collins
We've Been Through Hell; Now What? Congregational Conflict, Renewal, and Hope

Errol Cooper
Christian Hospitality in the Age of Mass Incarceration: A Way Forward at First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens

William Barry Davidson
The Writing Of Prayers In The African American Church

Moise J. Dorsinville
Congregational Change: Leading toward a Hospitable Community within a Haitian Village

Derrick Dumas
Project Reconciliation: Building Stronger and Healthier Relationships in Christian Community

David Gipson
Too Busy To Pray: Using Application Technology To Connect Those In Need With Those Ready To Pray

Gregory Hardy
Adam Come Home: The Renewed Commitment of the Church to Encourage Black Men to Return to Their Faith Community

Claudia Gail Harrelson
Seeking Sustainability for the St. Paul and Mountain Grove United Methodist Churches Utilizing a Rural/Agricultural Model

Frankco Harris
Created to Worship: Moving the Church Beyond a Good Time

Bonnie L. Hollinger
A Journey of Saying Goodbye: Leading a Parish from Grief to Celebration

Judy Hunt
Smashing Silos and Creating Synergy: A Journey Toward Collaboration

Wilson S. Jones
Sunday Dinner with Jesus: Toward a More Sacramental Spirituality

Thomas Paul Lipnicki
Reclaiming Men's Spirituality Through A Renewal of the Knights of Columbus

Stephen Lopaz Love
Nourishment and Strength Ministries

Michael Pellegrino Luciano
A Pulpit Parable: Crafting and Communicating Symbol-Story for Semiotic Change

Rosie E. Magee
Living the Labyrinth: A Journey Toward New Life in Community

Laura Virginia O'Neil
Telling the Deep Stories, Freeing the Soul and Releasing the Spirit

Hillary Dowling Raining
Revisiting the Rite of Reconciliation: All May, Some Should, None Must

Kathleen Louise Roney
Iona Community Family Groups In America Prototypical Groundwork Whereby Clergy And Laymen Can Lead A More Christ-like Existence

Eleanor Pardue Slaton
Strengthening the Spiritual Formation of the Wilson's Mills Christian Church Congregation by Exploring the Ongoing Presence of the Holy Spirit

Matthew David Stewart
Living in Holy Saturday: Keeping Balance of Death and Resurrection in United Methodist Funerals

Selester Stewart
Losing the Lost Generation

Leston Greg Williams
Mentoring: Discussion Starters for Interns in Grace Communion International

Beth Ranck Yoder
Playing Our Prayers: Toward More Embodied, Participatory Worship

Doctor of Ministry 2007

Charlene Youngsook Kang
Developing a curriculum for global mission with a special emphasis on peacemaking and interfaith dialogue

Doctor of Ministry 2001

Robert John Duncan, Sr.
The Power of a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Doctor of Ministry 1993

Hillary Gaston, Sr.
Preparing the laity to serve as chruch leaders at Parkchester Baptist Church

Doctor of Ministry 1979

Charles Burton Grimm
Descriptive analysis of the role of a Protestant chaplain in a juvenile facility

Doctor of Philosophy 2024

Jennifer Maidrand
Excavating Promised Land: The Geopolitics of Scripturalization in Palestine-Israel

Hilary McKane
Theo-Economics in Matthew's Parables: Laboring and Lending for God

Abigail Mohaupt
Where Your Treasure Is: Orchestrating a Theological Social Movement on Climate Change, The Presbyterian Church (USA), and Divestment From Fossil Fuels

Dawrell G. Rich
Bridging A Gap: The Role of African American Churches in Urban Environmental Justice

Kelsey E. Wallace
Remembering the Future: Exodus, Science Fiction, and the Strategies of Memory

Robert Kyle Warren
Assembling Nearness, Constructing Proximities: Toward a Theopoetics of Spatial Justice and Architecture

Doctor of Philosophy 2023

Lisa Asedillo Cunningham
Decolonial Hope as Praxis: Pedagogical Strategies of Freedom in the Philippines

Simeiqi He
A Post-Critical Moral Theology of Marriage

Minenhle Nomalungelo Khumalo
The Serpent's Syllabus: Reading Genesis 2:4-4:2 Towards a Queer, African(a) Gnosis

Donna R Matteis
Betraying Gradualist White Christian Social Ethics: An Ethics of Rupture

Susan Woolever
Bearing Witness: Pregnant Teens, Hagar, and Christian Social Ethical Responses

Doctor of Philosophy 2022

Desmond Coleman
Alchemy and Blackness

Walter Luke Grote
The Self That Therefore I Am Not: Jacques Lacan, Zen Buddhism, and the Practice of Subjectivity

Dong Sung Kim
Deuteronomistic Unhistory: Politics of Time, Affect, and Nationhood in Judges' Narrative World

HyunHui Kim
Relational Realism and Theopolitics: A Post-Oppositional Theology of Social Identities

Seong Hyun Lee
The Power of Mature Communal Empathy: Responding to Sexual Violence in Faith Communities

Rory D McEntee
The Liminality of Democracy: Towards a Beloved Community of Religious Diversity

Lauren D. Sawyer
I Stumbled/I Caused You to Stumble: White Girls and Queer Youth as Sexual Agents in Contemporary Evangelical Purity Culture

Eric A. Thomas
Queer of Color Biblical Criticism: Race, Sexuality, and the New Testament

Brian James Tipton
The Markan Bestiary: Ecology, Animality, and the Second Gospel

Doctor of Philosophy 2021

Gabriel Colin Crooks
Under Control: Theology, Mastery, and the Autopoiesis of Masculine Identities

Lisa A Gasson-Gardner
Feeling Right: Political Theology, White Evangelical Christianity, and the Im/Possible Project of Listening

Nikki Hoskins
Everyday Experiments in the Projects: Black Women's Moral Visions for the Earth

Alice Kim
A Theology of Traumatic Affect: A Religious and Political Response to Trauma

Austin Roberts
Anthropocene Imaginaries: Geophilosophy, Political Theology, and the Planetary Future

Max Thornton
Cyborg Trans/Criptions: Gender, Disability, and the Image of God

June Hee Yoon
Envisioning Home with Queer Holiness at the Core: A Case Study of Korean American Christian Communities

Doctor of Philosophy 2020

Ericka Shawndricka Dunbar
Trafficking Hadassah: An Africana Reading of Collective Trauma, Memory, and Identity in the Book of Esther and the African Diaspora

Elizabeth Siegelman
Whose Gotta Have It? Race, Gender, and Violence in the Song of Songs

O'neil Van Horn
On the Ground: Terrestrial Theopoetics, Environmental Justice, and the Anthropocene

Doctor of Philosophy 2019

Elyse Ambrose
Integrative Communality as Liberative Praxis of Christian Sexual Ethics: A Black Queer Ethic

Amy J. Chase
Making Space for Strong Women: A Socio-Narratological Reading of Proverbs 31

Suzanne Wenonah Duchesne
Beloved Speech: Language and Legacies of Methodist Women Leaders of the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference with Antiracist/Decolonizing Strategies for Preaching

Elizabeth M. Freese
Rite Relations: Toward the Righting of a Misrecognized Moral Order of Re/Production in Hegemonic American Ritual and Myth

Midori E. Hartman
Citizenship and Enslaveability in Late Antiquity: Augustine's Letter 10*

In Hwan Kim
An Understanding of the Soteriology in the Korean Protestant Churches in Relation to Faith and Works

KwangYu Lee
A Jungian Psychohistorical Analysis of the Growth of the Korean Protestant Church: Trauma and Cultural Complex

Peter N. McLellan
Return of the Living Dead: The Gospel of Mark and Other Haunted Places

Erica Bryand Ramirez
Rise of the Lamb's Queen: Revisiting Azusa Street Mission with Pierre Bourdieu, Mikhail Bakhtin, and Julia Kristeva

Wangeun Serl
A Consciousness Study Comparing Robert Corrington, Yu Young-Mo, and Henry Stapp

Michael Thomas Sniffen
Building and Rebuilding a Protestant American Cathedral: Gothic Power, Privilege, Performance, and Imagination at the Cathedral of the Incarnation, Long Island

Stephen J. Wolma
A Gospel for Yuppie New Yorkers? The Whiteness In Tim Keller's Evangelical Message At Redeemer Presbyterian Church

Doctor of Philosophy 2018

Tejai Beulah
Soul Salvation, Social Liberation: Race and Evangelical Christianity in the Black Power Era, 1968-1979

Jacob J. Erickson
A Theopoetics of the Earth: Divinity, Multiplicity, and Epiphany in the Anthropocene

Dong Hyeon Jeong
With the Wild Beasts, Learning from the Trees: Animality, Vegetality, and (Colonized) Ethnicity in the Gospel of Mark

Elijah Prewitt-Davis
Belief in the World: The Immanent Faith of Gilles Deleuze

Karri Lynne Whipple
Wounding Visions: A De-colonizing, Re-politicizing Approach to Trauma and the New Testament

Doctor of Philosophy 2017

Shelley L. Dennis
Edible Entanglements: A Political Theology of Food

Ashley Boggan Dreff
Methodists and The New Morality: A Twentieth-Century History of Methodist Sexual Ethics

Theresa Marie Ellis
Consuming the Self: An Ecstatic Naturalist Exploration of Consumerism

James N. Hoke
Under God? A Queer and Feminist Subversion of Submission in Romans

Sarosh Koshy
Beyond Missio Dei: An Examination of Christian Witness

Wade A. Mitchell
Remembering Religion: Traces of a Mnemonic Nature

Nikolay Vasilev Petrov
Robert College of Constantinople: Crossroads of Faiths, Cultures and Empires, 1863 - 1913

A. Paige Rawson
Re-Membering the Bible Otherwise: An Archipelogical Hermeneutic of Bibliorality, Wisdom as Rhizome of Relation, & Other Poetic, Archipelagic Assemblages

Sara Rosenau
Becoming Church: An Ecclesiology of Failure, Embodied Politics, and Queer Grace

Leah Rachelle Thomas
Just Caring: An Interdisciplinary Feminist Approach to Ethical Pastorla Care with Women with Mental Illness

Doctor of Philosophy 2016

Karen Bray
Unredeemed: A Political Theology of Affect, Time, and Worth

Sarah Emanuel
Roasting Rome: Humor, Resistance, and Jewish Cultural Persistence in the Book of Revelation

Christopher Alan Haynes
Take Authority to Preach the Word of God: Stratified Social Relationships Among Clergy in a United Methodist Annual Conference

Charon Hribar
Poverty in the Midst of Plenty: Structural Violence, Liberationist Ethics, and the Right to Not Be Poor

Nam Joong Kim
Preaching for Social Transformation and Anti-Discrimination in the Context of the Korean Presbyterian Church (1990-2012)

Michael Joseph Oliver
Limits to Attempted Remedies of the Problem of Exclusion in Christian Discourse: Divine Choice as a Case Study

Matthew Timothy Riley
Reading Beyond Roots: The Theological and Weberian Aspects of Lynn White's Scholarship

Kelly M. Robbins
Appeals For Compassion: The Uses of Anthropomorphism and Sentimentality in Animal Advocacy Campaigns

Louis Benji Rolsky
Norman Lear and the Spiritual Politics of Religious Liberalism

Lydia York
Chora: Feminist Theological Cosmology and Psychoanalysis in an Age of Teletechnology

Doctor of Philosophy 2015

Christy Lee Cobb
Slave-Girls Speaking Truth: Slavery and Gender in Luke-Acts and Other Ancient Narratives

John Noel Forlini
Facing the Dark: Encounters at the Jabbok (Gen.32:22-32)

Arminta Fox
"You Yourselves Are Our Letter": A Feminist and Decolonizing Approach to 2 Corinthians

Kyung S. Hong
Korean Shamanism From Tradition To Change in the U.S. Diasporic Context

Suzanne Rita Horn
Laughing Matters: A Bakhtinian Reading of the Book of Esther

Jennifer Kaalund
Dis/locating Diaspora: Reading Hebrews and First Peter with the African American Great Migration

Matthew James Ketchum
Specters of Jesus: Ghosts, Gospels, and Resurrection in Early Christianity

Hsueh-Ming Liao
פי־שׁנים ברוחך: The Elijah-Elisha Succession in Light of Max Weber’s Understanding of Charismatic Authority and Institution Building

Troy Robert Mack
The Destruction of Language: The Challenges of Trauma for Language, Philosophy, and Politics

Geoffrey N. Pollick
Between Chautauqua and Washington Square: Religious Liberalism and Political Radicalism in the Thought of Annis Ford Eastman and Max Eastman

Stephanie Day Powell
Do Not Press Me to Leave You: Narrative Desire and The Book of Ruth

Abigail Turner-Lauck Wernicki
The Aesthetics of Loss: Rethinking Schopenhauer's Theory of the Sublime

Natalie Elizabeth Williams
Christian Ethics of Divorce: Shame, Resistance, and Moral Obligations to the Self

Doctor of Philosophy 2014

Youn Tae An
The Groundless Middle: Reconstructing the Self in the Colonial Abyss

Kristeen Lee Black
Mormon Kinship: The Symbolic System of Family Within Mormon Religious Communities

Jung Eun Jang
A Self-Psychological Approach to the 1907 Revival Movement in Korea

Amy Beth Jones
The Stranger Within: Narrative Space and Identity Construction in the Book of Judges

Beatrice Eleanor Marovich
Dream of the Creature: Religion, Ethics and Interspecies Kinship

Cecil Berit Marshall
The Inner and Outer Journey: Contemporary Swedish Pilgrimage

Peter Anthony Mena
Borderlands/La Frontera of the Late Ancient Egyptian Desert: Space, Identity, and the Ascetic Imagination

Vivian Rhoades
Religious Identity: A Micro-Level Sociological Study of Faith, Religion, and Spirituality in the Lives of Women in a Domestic Violence Shelter

Matt Westbrook
The International Christian Embassy, Jerusalem and Renewalist Zionism: Emerging Jewish-Christian Ethnonationalism

Doctor of Philosophy 2013

Holly Hillgardner
Passionate Non-attachment: Practices of Longing in Mirabai and Hadewicjh; A Comparative Study of Desirous Mysticism