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 The College of Liberal Arts

Bachelor of Arts 2024

Bram Carter
How to Choose a Theory: Empiricism from Verificationism to Pragmatism

Tyler Cochran-Branson
Crossing the Rainbow Bridge: Exploring the Intersections Between Anthroposophy and Contemporary Alt-Right Radicalization

Sage Lidzbarski-Lahti
White Male Apologists: How Online Fandom Treats Their Pet Narcissists

Olivia Martin
Woodstock and Altamont Were Not Counterculture: Capitalism Within the Music Industry

Hayden Mattson
A Case Study of 'The Wolverine': How film represents comorbid mental disorders in the character "Wolverine" through a fantastical lens, and the impact of this representation on men

Muhammad Mir
Modeling Water Optimization in Jordanian Agricultural Economy

Chekwubechi Okunowo
Sino-Africa Investment: Examining its Role as a Political Preservation Strategy for African Political Elites

Júlia Oliveira Souza
Disconnected Identities: (re)constructions of Brazilian National Identity in the Latin American context

Kris Perez
"Beheading" The Minotaur: How Anna Ziegler's Modern Myth Reframes Classical Storytelling for a Modern Audience: A Director's Perspective

Eleanor Poethke
Summer Camp and Cultural Memory: The intersection of memory and physical space at Cross Roads Camp and Retreat Center

Molly Reidmiller
Defending Dignity: An Exploration of the Menstrual Equity Movement in Prisons Through the Lens of the Missouri Case

Charlotte Reing
Parla come mangi: Food, Presentation, and the Break from Tradition in Italian Visual Culture

Casey Brookes Richardson
Professionals or Predators: Patterns of Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict

Grace Rinehart
Is AI "Taking Over" Our Responses to (Mis)Information? How Artificial Intelligence and Group Membership Shape Perceptions of Political Messaging

Melinna C. Sanchez
Protecting Preimplantation Genetic Testing Patients: A Social Support Perspective

Sarah Selim
'What's Yours is Ours': BookTok, the Romance Genre, and the Authorial Reader

Jamie Smith
"A taste for killing" versus "Abusive, traumatic childhoods": People's beliefs about the influence of nature and nurture in heinous, violent crimes

Edilson Dylan Torres
CONTRA ELLA: The Impact of the Dobb's Decision on Latina Reproductive Justice

Angelae Wunderle
Mathematical Movements: Bringing Dance into the Classroom

Nia Zeikidze
Advocating for Sustainability in Fast Fashion: Efforts by Nonprofit Organizations

Katja Zengel
Gender and Nationalism: Women's Roles in Twentieth-Century Spain

Bachelor of Arts 2023

Britney Bossman
Sustainability in the Clothing Industry: A Case Study Analysis on H&M, Zara, and Shein

Zoe Bowser
Art History in STEAM: Integrating Art Historical Content and Pedagogy into High School Mathematics Curricula

Tori Cavallo
Disability: Advocation and Representation in Theatre and the Community

Charlotte Clements
The effects of housing style and individual history on the behavior of domestic cats (Felis catus) in animal shelters

Rachel Comfort
Soccer Substitution Patterns: Analysis of the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Jamie Lynn Connors
Two Approaches to Statistical Research: Frequentist and Bayesian

Emma-Li Downer
'Who's Sexy to Me?': Exploring Asexuality and Recovering Asexual Meanings

Sarah Escamilla
The Role of Latina Women in Nonprofits

Samara Fishkin
Stage to Screen

Cristabella Fortna
French Flute Music as heard in Griffes' Poem for flute and orchestra: A contextualized analysis and performance that demonstrates the French influence in an American 20th century piece

Kiersten Greiner
The Integration of Self-Compassion Programs into School Curriculums

Jane Hahn
Reconceptualizing Patchwriting: Achieving Success through Understanding Failure

Alexa Hinkle
Tears and a Wedding : A Dark Comedy by Alexa deBinder

Pooja Kasarapu
The effects of clobetasol propionate on neuronal viability and myelination in a cellular model of Alzheimer's disease

Juliet LaVigne
Fashion and Disease: An analysis of the effects of tuberculosis in a social context on the physical remains of a 19th century cemetery in Philadelphia

Dillon McCarthy
Orxploitation: Racism in Fantasy Fandom as a Battleground in the "Culture War"

Avianna Miller
On the Threshold: Rituals of Renewal in Jewish Space and "Crip Time" Through a Lens-Based Practice

Harrison Neal
Revolutionizing Central Banking: Demystifying Decentralized Finance Technology and its Integration within the Federal Reserve System

Cameron Orefice
Give me Creative Liberty or Give me Death: Translation as Adaptation/Datemi la libertà creativa o datemi la morte: la traduzione come adattamento

Jeehae Park
Hwaiting! South Korea's Struggle with Democracy

Elizabeth Shack
Skeletons in our Closets: The Ethics of Displaying Human Remains in Museums - Case Studies of the British Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Musée de l'Homme

Bachelor of Arts 2022

Celine Alhout
Revealing and Resisting Gender-Based Violence in Palestine

Morgan Alley
The Role of Social Media in the January 6th Insurrection

Amneh Alqudah
Double Trouble: The Intersectionality of Women of Color in American Politics

William Badrigian
The Value of Gold: Hedge, Haven, or Hell for the U.S. Economy?

Tessa Bagby
Presenting... The Angry Brigade: Structural-Ideological Implications of Theatre and Media Forms as Representational Modes

Shady Barsoom
The potential synergistic effects of DCP-LA and resveratrol in mitigating cytotoxicity in an oxidative stress model of Alzheimer's disease

Audrey Borba
Aesthetic Directors Creating Space for Complex Female Characters

Caroline Chovanes
"It's a terrorist organization" versus "A much needed movement": Exploring Predictors of Support and Opposition toward the Black Lives Matter Movement

Cassidy C. Conklin
Barriers and Promoters of Using Social Services: Applying demographic, practical, and psychological predictors through a partnership with a real-world service provider

Alexis Cutshall
The Intersection of Art and Science: The Methods Behind Forensic Facial Reconstruction

Marwa Elessawy
Containing the Contradictions of the Egyptian Uprising Through the New Administrative Capital: A Postcolonial Critique of the Egyptian Armed Forces' Transformation

Candace Foltiny
Disability Narratives: How Representation in American and French Literature and Media Affects Students with Disabilities

Amber A. Frikkee
Europe's Population Decline: Implications for its Global Power in the Decades to Come

Sophia George
Housing Vouchers, Homelessness and Stigma during the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Exploratory Study

Bryanna "Licorne / Unicorn" Gould
La langue française: comment la rendre inclusive à une diversité de genres? / The French Language: How do we make it inclusive to a diversity of genders?

Cole Grossmann
The Corporation Cycle of Environmental Injustice That Disrupts Equity

Melanie Haber
From Clickbait to Cruelty: An Analysis of Terrorist Recruitment via Social Media

Caio Hummel Hohl
Relationship Between Interoceptive Awareness, Mindfulness, and Somatization: Examining Competing Perspectives

Emily Jones
Cinematic Women as Warriors Against Capitalism

Dana Kit
Unraveling White Supremacist Discourse Within Right-Wing Populist Groups

Jacob KurtzFreilich
Development of Central Bank Digital Currencies in Emerging Markets and Developing Economies

Emma LiVigne
College Students on Campus with Chronic Illnesses: Resources and Recommendations for New Methods of Care at Drew University

Matthew Macaulay
"Alexandria was no Longer Troubled by Philosophers": The End of Greek Philosophy in Egypt and the Life of Hypatia of Alexandria

Helen Navas Carrera
Mediated Images of Latinxs: Histories, Agendas, and Repercussions

David Nesterov-Rappoport
The Evolution of Trust: Understanding Prosocial Behavior in Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Systems

Krystal Palmer
Multistakeholder Influence on Intellectual Property: Vaccine Equity and Access in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Genesis Perez
The Representation of Native Americans in Film: Focalization, Political Economy, and Anachronistic Space

Ianto Porter
Social Media Use and Impacts on Mental Health: An Examination and Close Look at Tumblr

Renata Primmer
An Employee-Based Perspective on Corporate Investments in Human Capital: The Value of Personalized and Supportive Employee Development Programs

Chara Proud
COVID-19 Health Beliefs and Perceptions Impact on Individual Response to Future Health Emergencies

Nicholas Masferrer Ramirez
The Limping Violinist: Why Thomson's Defense of Abortion Does Not Establish the Conclusion that Abortion is Morally Permissible

Gabriella Danielle Ramirez
The Land of Opportunity?: Title 42 As A Restrictive Immigration Tool In The United States

Stephen Rampolla
Divine Omniscience, Grace, and Free Will: A Defense of Catholic Molinism

Sidney Robert Soqui Resnik
Anatomy of a Mutiny: Reexamining the Conspiracy of Vindex with a Focus on the Role of Coinage

Alyssa Sileo
The Virtues of Virtual Dramaturgy: Collaboration, Engagement, Access

Julia Sinatra
A Gendered Analysis of the Evolution of Conflict Related Aid

Olivia Thompson
"My revenge has just begun! I have spread it over centuries": Gender, Sexuality, and Invasion Anxiety in 20th- and 21st-Century Adaptations of Dracula

Sierra Joy Williams
Stress Responses in Eastern Chipmunks (Tamias striatus) at Two Locations – Drew University and the Great Swamp Watershed Association's Conservation Management Area (GSWA-CMA)

Olivia Yepez
War and Conflict News Media Consumption Habits and Perceptions of University ROTC Cadets

Amiya Young
Analyzing the Role of Greek Women in Athenian Religious Festivals: Are the Conventional Roles of Women Reinforced or Offered an Alternative Reality?

Matheus Ishizuka da Silva
Neoliberalism and Processes of Development in Mato Grosso, Brazil

Bachelor of Arts 2021

Maxxe Albert-Deitch
Controlling the Narrative: How National Mythology and Archaeology Shaped Identity in Modern-Day Israel

Aisha Arain
The Politics of Linguistic Power Structures in South-Asia: An Analysis of Language Identity and Nationalism in Pakistan

Brett Cheadle
Analyzing Community-based and Centralized Approaches to Natural Disaster Management: A Comparative Case Study Analysis in Southeast Asia

Grace Crozier
The Effects of Physical Activity on Cognitive Development in Adolescents

William DeJianne
Demoralization: Do Perceptions of Low Harm Reduce Moral Conviction?

Lauren DeLillo
Le lettere di Fortunata Mauro: esempio di scrittura epistolare come processo di identità e assimilazione culturale degli immigrati italiani negli Stati Uniti di inizio Novecento

Stephen Dechert
The Practicalities of Literary Studies: Depictions of Ordinary Life in Ulysses

Kara Dobias
Rectifying a Historical Wrong: A Critical Examination of the Economic and Racial Politics of American Opera

Madison Dudziec
Consociationalism and Ethno-Sectarian Conflict: Iraq's Political Fragmentation and Flawed Federalism

Janna Fadler
Representation of the Environment on Social Media Through Australian and Amazon Forest Fires

Erin Feith
Nursing the Hangover: The Response of the Methodist Church to the Repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment (1934-1950)

Sarah Gass
The Promulgation of the Alt-Right in American Politics: Nativism in Contemporary Political Discourse

Emily Graves
Life and Death During Industrial Philadelphia: Skeletal Health and Pathological Conditions of the 1800s

Brynne M. Growney
Masking Up: The Impact of Political Ideology, Empathy, and Conformity on People's Choice to Wear a Mask in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Julia Kenner
"Boys Masturbate, Girls Menstruate:" Reframing and Reforming Sex Education in the United States

Kelly Maegerlein
Investigating the Effects of RD100, a Potential Group III mGluR Positive Modulator, in a Primary Rat Cortical FAB/NMDA Model of Alzheimer's Disease

Annalisa Manabat
Bad Girls, Bold Wives, Bloody Mothers: Monstrous Women in Film Through the Lens of Women's Liberation 1960-1981

Elsa Nygard
Coeducation at Brother's College, 1942-1950

Peace Oyekola
Elite Bargaining: The Glue That Holds Nigeria's Democracy Together

Brianna Perrone
International Intellectual Property Rights and the Pharmaceutical Industry: A Comparison of Former French Colonies

Caroline Polich
World on Fire: Painting Landscapes Altered by Climate Change

Maria Reidy
Collective Identity and a Warming Planet: Exploring the Motivations Behind Climate Change Activism

Rebecca Schuman
The Case for Linking Causes: Why Animal Rights Are an Environmental Issue

Brianna L. Scotti
Social Distancing: Dividing Life into a Fractured Experience of the Physical and Digital Space to Transform the Human from a User to a Raw Material

Anna Smith
Yes We Can! Or Can We? : Medicaid Expansion Post-ACA and its Impact on Health Outcomes in all 50 States

Lisa Stites
California's Wildfire Problem: The Neglected Role of Class and Housing

Ryan S. Strauss
The Anglo-American Special Relationship: Antiquity or Destiny?

Benjamin Strickland
In Silico Discovery of FtsZ Inhibitors for the Treatment of Multidrug-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Theresa Vaillancourt
Scottish Independence in a Post-Brexit World: A Legal Analysis on the Scottish Right to Hold an Independence Referendum

Bachelor of Arts 2020

Alyson Axman
The Opioid Crisis in the United States: An Exploratory Data Analysis of the Driving Factors

Bongiwe Bongwe
Redefining Corruption

Lisa Cappiello
What is the Relationship between Pay Dispersion and Team Productivity in the National Basketball Association?

Vincent Peter Costa
"Here We Have a Special Way of Waging War" British Military Adaptions to War in North America, 1775-1783

Stefanie DeFronzo
Worms on the Brain: The Role of Autism-Related Genes nlg-1 and nrx-1 in Thermotactic and Chemotactic Behavior of C. elegans

Kassel Franco Garibay
Falling Through the Cracks: Invisibility and Rural Women in Ecuador's Comunas

Ludovica Gioacchini
Italy, A Promised Land of Populism: An Analysis of the Five Star Movement and Its Strategic Ascent to Power

Ava Gustafson
A Constant Effort: An Exploration of Feminist Disability Theory and Feminist Ethnography in Producing Just Ethnography in Special Education

Lena Hadler
What are the Effects of Turnover on Team Performance?

Kelly Hartwick
Analyzing Christianity and Social Justice Through Christian Social Movements

Maïmouna Kanté
Flowering Phenology: Lemurs, People, & Climate Change

Virginia Leach
Exclusion of the Included: Racialized Microaggressions at Predominantly White Universities

Tess Liddy
A Country Changed: The Dramatic Shift of Irish Social Values

Maria Jose Navas Espinal
ÚRSULA: Portraying Contemporary Women Across Cultures through Photographic Portraiture

Michelle M. Nestor
U.S. Presidential Nominations: Outsiders in the 2016 Election

Fabrice Nozier
Challenging the "Revolution": An Analysis of Black Panther

Makayla Pardo
Identification and characterization of small molecules that reactivate mutant p53 in human cancer cells

John Rinald
Molecular Mechanism of DCP-LA in an Oxidative Stress Model of Alzheimer's Disease

Adam Sandonato
The Role of Elite Consensus in the Post-War Foreign Policy of the United States and West Germany

Mason Scher
Carbon Isotope Discrimination in Ginkgo: Testing A Paleo-CO2 Proxy

Lydia Segal
Using the Grotesque and Nostalgia to Explore Imbalanced Human-Animal Relationships

Méa Rose St. Amour
Expression Through Depiction: An Analysis of Aesthetic vs. Contextual Qualities

Madeleine E. Taylor
The Use of Civic Reason: Religious Freedom, Secular Government, and the Duty of the Elected Official

Melissa Viana
France as a Target for Terror: A Study of Lone Wolf Terrorism in the 21st Century

Malavika Vishwanath
The Effects of Social Comparison in Athletes: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Body Image and Motivation among Indian and American Competitive Swimmers

Eva Wagenknechtová
The Firehose of Falsehood: How Does Power and Group Membership Impact Perceived Legitimacy

Anna Walker
Birth Mothers in Adoption Reunion Stories: The Complicated Status of Women Who Place Their Children for Adoption

Bachelor of Arts 2019

Zarina Akbary
Ketoreductase Activity of 45-million-year-old Yeast Strains Revived from Amber

Sofia Amorim
Whose American Dream?: Identity and Citizenship in Latinx Literature

Ansel Bloom
Tattoos in a Modern Context: Unique or Ubiquitous? A Mixed-Methods Study to Provide Some Answers

Ryann Callaghan
Production of Kibdelomycin by Kibdelosporangium sp. and Discovery of Potential Structural Analogues

Kyra Jean Cipolla
Investigating the relationship between coral species diversity, most abundant coral growth form, and live coral cover with habitat structural complexity in the Caribbean

Sarah Costa
Reactivity of Os2(CO)6(RCONH)2: mechanisms and thermodynamic properties

Dorian Crimmins
Celestial Bodies: Three Themes on Chinese Folk Stories

Eric DiPietro
Batting Average of a Business Degree: Evidence from a Matching Study of Liberal Arts Business Major Alumni

Kelly Duddy
The Ideological Flexibility of Nazi Propaganda: A Case Study of The Nazi Primer

Priya Dutt
The Roles of Mediated and Direct Intergroup Contact in Shaping Attitudes Toward Immigrants

Josephine Emanuelli
Thinking Outside the Box: Using Alternative Food Networks to Alleviate Food Insecurity in New York City

Karan Erry
Resolving Abbreviations and Domain Terms in Source Code using Documentation

Tanner J. Euston
Investigating the role of granulocyte colony stimulating factor as a regulator of the striatal proteome

Rebecca Filetti-Andujo
Wounded Delicacy: Female-bodied sexual performance as a mode of resistance to objectification.

Michael Galioto
Meaning-Makers: Protestant-American Nationalism during the Civil War

Alexandra Greulich
Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis: Potential Odor Responsivity and Cannabidiol Modulation

Laila Hanandeh
"It's Not a Bag. It's a Birkin!" Can the Demand for Hermès Birkin Bags be Explained Through a Neoclassical Framework?

Mohammed Sayed Hassan
Toward automatic summarization of arbitrary java statements for novice programmers

Brian Heist
Effect of Ca2+ ions on the hydrolysis of phenyl esters and anilides, p-nitrophenyl acetate and p-nitroacetanilide

Julien Hryshko
Central Bank Liquidity Swaps of the Financial Crisis: An Analysis of Long-Term Financial Instability

Uma Kantheti
The Interferon Response to Exogenous DNA and DNA Damage is Dependent on DNA-PK along with cGAS/STING Pathway

Ruth Kim
South Korean Anti-Corruption Efforts: A Study of the Chaebol-Government Relationship

Inji Kim
Art Experience in the Digital Age: Augmented Reality as a Medium

Alexandra Koeck
Identity, Political Ecology, and Human Security: A Study of Climate-Induced Intra-Ethnic Conflict among the Fulani in the Sahel Region of Nigeria

Nicolina Lentine
Colony Collapse Disorder: An Exploration of Bee Population Decline and Ways to Prevent Future Losses

Jake Levine
L'esprit de résistance: Legality in Albert Camus's Philosophy of the Absurd

Shaylyn MacKinnon
The Language of Peace?: Understanding the Impact of Peace Corps English Language Education on Developing Economies

Kyle J Majid
Benefits of the Reintroduction of the Eastern Oyster (Crassostrea virginica) in New York State

Meghan McDermott
Evaluating Vitamin D Supplementation Compliance and Socioeconomic Status in a Pediatric Fracture Population: Clinical Evaluation of Bone Mineral Density

Shayna Miller
Paintings as Talismanic Vessels: An Investigation into Ritual through a Studio Practice

Jaclyn Moldawsky
Frédéric Chopin's Life and Work: The Scholarly Debate and the Limitations of Nineteenth-Century Nationalism

João Pedro Martins Pinheiro
On the Sociological Dynamics of Scandal and Their Consequences: The Case of Zara Brasil, 2011

Hannah Ponturo

Sanchit Sahni
Future of Cryptocurrency: An empirical analysis of Bitcoin as a mode of transaction and investment.

Caitlin Bonita Shannon
Reconstrucciones de identidad: El arte callejero en San Juan, Puerto Rico

Brianna Maria Siciliano
Are plus-size bodies represented in body positive ways?: An exploration of the complex relationship between demanding visibility and empowering audiences

Olivia Sznaza
Out With A Bang: Exposing the Relationship between Gun Violence and the Strength of Gun Laws in the United States

Arline Tarazona
Divalent Calcium Cation-Catalyzed Hydrolysis of Phosphodiester Bonds in Cyclic Dinucleotide Molecules

David Van Dongen
Circulating Tumor Cell Isolation using Immuno-Microbubbles

Brooke Winters
It Don't GTMO Worse Than This: An Interpretive Examination of Language, Decision-making, and Jurisprudence of Due Process Rights at Guantanamo Bay

Olivia Winters
La Vie Que J'avais Prévue: The Complicated Relationship between Documentary Theatre and Hate Crimes, Praxis and Analysis

Bachelor of Arts 2018

Hayat Abdelal
The Qur'an on Jefferson's Shelf: An Analysis of Thomas Jefferson's Engagement with Islam and Its Influence on America's Religious Framework

Julie Mary Alex
Ca2+ Catalyzed Adenosine 3', 5'-Cyclic Monophosphate Hydrolysis: Insights into the Role of Metals in Phosphodiesterase Active Sites

Haviland Marie Atha-Simonton
Plays about New York City's Gentrification: The Gentrifier, The Gentrified, and the Tension in-Between

Jennifer Victorine Benedict
Automatic Munsell Color Detection in Mobile Applications

Olivia N Blondheim
In situ observations of pyrosomes in the northern California Current during an anomalous bloom year

Crystal M. Caragine
Emancipative Values and Democracy: Is a Desire for Freedom a Cause or an Effect of Democracy?

Michael Steven Clancy
A Mathematical Development of Quantum Mechanics

Zoe Laura CoatesFuentes
Heterogeneous Uptake of O3 and SO2 on Kaolinite as a Function of Atmospheric Processing

Keith Costello
The U.S., India, and the Colonial Question: America's Missed Opportunity

Tyler J. Dorrity
Cytokine Responses Generated by cGAMP and other CDNs Depend on Delivery Method

Emily Margaret Dzioba
Devising Form and Content: The Dramaturg as Performance Curator

Joanne Fekete
A Short Story Series in Fiction: Traversing Boundaries

Nathaniel Howard
Saracens and the Sea: Reactions to Contact and Conflict between Muslims and Christians in the Early Medieval Mediterranean

Nicole J Kinney
Marketing Towards the Hispanic American Population: The Microtargeting of Hispanic Subgroups in Advertisements

Kyla Nicole Moutenot
Mapping Odor Representation in the Olfactory Tubercle and Superficial Amygdaloid Nuclei

Marta Muncharaz Duran
The causes and future financial consequences for the City of London after Brexit

Leah Jessica Nadel
Quantifying Compliance to Vitamin D Supplementation: Preference for the Salient and Compliance Incentives to Prevent Osteoporosis in a Pediatric Fracture Population

Ian W Nadler
A Technical Analysis of Polyphonic Vocal Styles

Alexander G. Pearce
Parental Perceptions of Mental Health Treatment Options for Childhood Anxiety Disorder

Saad Nasr Shammoot
I Can't Get No, Satisfaction: A Critical Application of Job Satisfaction

Jennifer Nicole Stein
Do Adults Make Babyface Overgeneralizations When Perceiving Adults Who Have Down Syndrome?

Pearl A Sutter
Effects of DCP-LA on Learning and Memory in an IN VIVO Alzheimer's Disease Model with Ovariectomized Rats

Jared Ryan Sutton
A Labor of Love: The Impact of Union Strength on Democratic Consolidation in Post-Arab Spring Egypt and Tunisia

Blaine Morgan Taylor
Is There an Association Between Partisan Control of State Legislatures and State General Obligation Bond Ratings?

Dalton Alexander Valette
"The Dangerous Faggot" or A Gay Man with Different Opinions

Marybeth Wynen
Behavioral changes in a chronically administered Propionic Acid rat model of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Alexa Mei Young
Mom's the Word: Constructions of Single Motherhood in 1970s and 1980s Popular Fiction

Bachelor of Arts 2017

Cara Nicole Anan
Pushing Back at the Patriarchy: Exploring Nineteenth Century Marriage Resistance Literature

Jena Angeliadis
The Challenges of Executing Cross-Border M&A Transactions: A Focus on the Relationship between the U.S. & France

Ilianna Eden Anise
White-tailed deer and small mammal population dynamics over time

Kathleen Michael Annarelli
The Development of the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981 and Its Implications for Income Distribution in the United States

Emma Teresa Barakat
Assessment in the 230 Broadway Project and Beyond: What Can Theatre Arts in Education Give Our Students Besides Theatre?

Robert Francis Candia
Assessing the Therapeutic Potential of the Linoleic Acid Derivative DCP-LA in a Pharmacological Rat Model of Alzheimer's Disease

Marley Annika Crank
Dominance, Language and Land in the Peruvian Amazon: a critical study of the discourse surrounding indigenous land rights in Peru

Marianna D'Aries
The Stephen Archive: Readings of Lesbian and Transgender Embodiment in The Well of Loneliness

Robert A. DeMarco Jr
"Stop, children, what's that sound?": American Counter-culture, Rock 'N' Roll, and the Vietnam Experience

Brianna C Donofrio
Modeling Music Therapy in an Alzheimers Disease Cell Culture System through the use of BDNF and LM11A-31

Jed-Joan S Edziah
Secondary Aerosol Formation from Heterogeneous Reactions Involving α-(+)-Pinene and Kaolinite

Cece Elouise Ewing
When Women Write Loudly: Late 20th Century Feminist Fiction as Commentary and Consciousness-Raising Tools

Alexandra Elizabeth Garino
eEF3: The Next Great Antifungal Drug Target

Robert Marcellus Gordon Jr.
Casting the Crisis: Representations of Gay Men's Identities and Their Gendering in New York's AIDS Literature

Joseph J Gotto
Sniffing out the effects of nicotine on olfactory cortical neuron activity and odor preference

Karina Patricia Guaman
Evaluating the Effects of Methylene Blue on the Growth of Axons and the Health of Primary Neuronal Cell Cultures; Implications in Alzheimer Disease Research

Zoe Chapman Hughes
Methods for Characterizing a Confocal Microscope with Optical Phantoms

Hannah B Kohn
Streetwalkers, Women Hunters, and the Shrieking Sisterhood: The Contagious Diseases Acts and Constructions of Women in Nineteenth-Century Britain

Emily Rebecca Kubin
The Cross-Pressure Model of Ideology and Charitable Giving: Exploring the Role of Religiosity and Attributions for Poverty

Samantha Reed Lacey
Stereotype Threat, Financial Decision Making and Fraud in the Aging Population

Katherine Elizabeth Marak
Some Reactions of Triosmium Decacarbonyl Bisethoxide, Os3(CO)102-OEt)2, with Amides

Allison Haley McMahon
Deep in the Forest of Space: Phenomenological Philosophies, Transforming Worldviews, and Analysis in Painting

Danielle Daly Millick
Investigation of Stereochemical Structural Changes to Inhibit the Human In Vitro Metabolic Rate of Chemical Mutant p53 Reactivators as a Potential Oncology Therapy

Bayleigh Lucille Murphy
Learning From de Kooning and Polke: Shaping my Local

Richa Patel
Twitter Sentiment Implications on the Russell 1000 Universe

Lindsay Jeanne Pearce
Allosteric Modulation of mGlu4 Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors is Protective Against NMDA Induced Toxicity in Primary Neuronal Cell Culture

Silvia V Ramirez
"Dura Mater" as the "Tough Mother": Gendered Language in Neuroscience Textbooks

Taylor Kathryn Redmond
The role of state-dependent oscillators within the olfactory tubercle during olfactory discrimination

Sabine Paszkiewicz Reedy
Scroll, Snap, Like, Tweet, Repeat: An Exploration of Social Media and the Self

Micaela Rose Reininga
The Effect of Context Cues on Emotion Recognition

Victoria Lee Ruhle
"This is London": The Politics of (Im)mobility in Spatial Theory and British Migrant Literature

Alexander Harris Slotkin
The Republic: A City in Translation OR No Translation Is Innocent

Michelle Lauren Taliento
The 230 Broadway Project: Employing Playwriting and Community-Based Performance in Our Classrooms

Rachel Florence Tavani
French Women on the Right: Analyzing the Closing Gender Gap in Radical Right Electorates

Jonathan Randal Teters
The Influence of Scientific and Religious Belief on Coping with Moral Uncertainty

Taylor Tracy
Ladies in Log Cabins: Female-Authored Responses to "Reckless" Individualism

Courtney Leanne Trzasko
"My Mentor Showed Me Just How Far I Could Go": How Mentoring Affects Career Advancement of Women in Finance

Bethania Jessele Viana
My Body, My Choice: Latina Sterilization in the U.S. & Questions of Choice

Gretchen Winterling Walsh
Atomic Legacies: The Historical Significance of the Atomic Bomb in American and Japanese Cultures

Keiran Edgar Wilson
Quantifying "The Fighting Spirit": Using Feminist Theory to Inform Analyses of Empowerment Self-Defense Training as Sexual Assault Prevention Education

Saif Yasin
Kinetic and Computational Analysis of phosphorothioate and phosphorodithioate substitutions in metal ion catalyzed cleavage of RNA models

Alexa Nicole Zbieranowski
Resisting Otherness: Representations of Female Subjectivity in the Italian Renaissance

Areti Zikopoulos
The Role of Type of Caregiving and Attachment Style on the Evaluation of Others' Relationships

Bachelor of Arts 2016

David Aguilar Villagomez
Macho Dilemmas: Machismo & Masculine Identities Within the Latino Diaspora (3 studies 2015-2016)

Luis Alberto Baca
Managing Risk: The Portfolio Benefits to International Diversification

Hilda Gissela Bonilla
The Handling of Unaccompanied Minors Entering the United States from Mexico and the Northern Triangle Region

Gabriella Bottalico
Identifying Objects Through Touch

Adam Marques Campos
Do Car Reviews Matter?: An Econometric Analysis on the Influence of Car Reviews on Car Sales in the U.S. Auto Market

Michael Anthony Collina
The Construction of Masculinity in Post-9/11 Literary Narratives

Delmis E Hernandez
Synthesis of Organic Compounds to Model Biological Systems

Kayla Elizabeth Johnson
Disability Art: 'Cripping' the Canon

Clara Keane
A Lost Generation in Central America: A Public Health Perspective

Theresa Marie Kucinski
The Heterogeneous Reaction of Isoprene and Kaolinite

Madeline R Lederer
A Mechanistic and Kinetic Comparison of the Reactivity of Volatile Organic Compounds on Mineral Dusts

Grace Christine Leneghan
Slip Like Shadows: An Exploration Through Physical Theatre of Oppressed Sexuality and Desire in the Women of Tennessee Williams

Dani Leviss
The Ozonolysis of α-Terpineol in an Aqueous Environment: A Model for Atmospheric Cloud Chemistry

Cynthia Nichole Montalvo
Renewable Energy Development in Germany and the United States

Shira Mindy Newman
What about Bambi? An Examination of the Evidential Problem of Evil

Wyatt C Olney
Automatic Summarization of Source Code for Novice Programmers

Alyssa Beth Petersen
A Comparison of Pollution Prevention (P2) Programs across the U.S.

Allison Nicole Rastelli
The Dragon in the Sea: A Case Study of Chinese Foreign Policy in the South China Sea

Shannon Elizabeth Rennie
Do Tweets Matter? Assessing the Value of Social Media Marketing

Stephanie Carolina Sanchez
Evaluation of Human Liver Metabolism of Compounds that Reactivate Mutant p53 in Human Cancer Cells

Robert Edward Sommerhalter
New Synthetic Approaches to Triosmium Decacarbonyl Bisethoxide and the Systematic Design of Linked Triosmium Clusters via Bridging Diols

Felicia Robyn Sparozic
The Black Death: Exploring the Possible Link of the Great Famine and Yersinia pestis through a Bioarchaeological Examination

Bachelor of Arts 2015

Adefolakemi O Adenugba
La quête identitaire dans l'oeuvre romanesque d'Henri Lopes depuis 1990

Samuel Jacob Barry
The Social Development of the Music Profession in Ancient Greece

Priyanka Bhattarai
United States Equity Mutual Funds and International Diversification

Andrew R Bodo II
Représentations de la masculinité dans l'œuvre de Xavier Dolan

Kia S Bourdot
Characterizing eEF3 Through The study of its Functional Conservation between Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Noran A Elzarka
Militarization and Incarceration in the "War on Drugs" and "War on Terror": Connecting the Prison-Industrial Complex and the Military-Industrial Complex

Adam D Fanslau
Knowd: A Tool for Organizing and Recommending Online Learning Resources

Sabrina Fruci
What is the Optimal Pricing Model in Securitizing the Revenue Streams of Famous Individuals?

Bridget Reardon Hovell
Performance Art and Sexual Assault

Dylan B. Jones
A New Look at Shared Governance: Prisoner's Dilemma or Ultimatum Game?

Kelsie A. Kolb
Environmental Risk Assessment of Paint Sludge from Ramapo/Ringwood, NJ

Ian M. Lowry
Computational Efficacy of Hamiltonian Moments-based Methods for the Calculation of Non-Tractable Potentials

Allison Ann Megale
The Influence of Language Abstraction on Judgments of Romantic Relationships

Monal Mehta
An in vitro Model of Alzheimer's Disease Using Streptozotocin and Glucose to Test the Ability of Metformin and Insulin to Alleviate Neurodegeneration

Nour E. Miraoui
Effects of Methylene blue on Nerve Cell Viability in an Alzheimer's Disease Hyperglycemic In vitro Model

Laura C Mulholland
Same Shit, Different Century: the World Bank, Imperialism, and Health

Amanda Omeljaniuk
Accept All Substitutes: A Historical Analysis of Cultural Taste Patterns Through An Examination of Mock Cuisine

Kishan Vinay Patel
From Colony to Country: Models of Decolonization and Their Application to Post-Conflict State Building

Mark D Patronella
The Impact of State Level Policies on Residential Solar Panel Installations

Thomas H Price
The Late Paintings of Worthington Whittredge: American Barbizon and the New Internationalism

Christopher C. Recio
Queer Negativity and Utopianism in Virginia Woolf and D.H. Lawrence

Elizabeth P Regedanz
Reactivation of Mutant p53 by Small Molecules: Development of a Reporter Gene Assay for Screening

Sarah Robinson
Self-Oriented and Socially Prescribed Perfectionists' Responses to Feedback:Investigating Aspiration Level, Persistence, and Performance

Eliza G. Sheff
Power Asymmetry, Interstate Cooperation, and Riparian Conflicts: Explaining the U.S.-Mexico Relationship Over Shard Rivers

Catherine L Spino
The Eye of the Beholder: Julia Pastrana, Saarjie Baartman, and the Social Anxieties that Surround Women who Cannot be Controlled

Allison Rose Staniec
Acid-Catalyzed Heterogeneous Reaction of Limonene with Mineral Aerosols: A New Mechanism for The Organic Coating of Inorganic Aerosols

Omaru Layee Washington
Ghana's Elite Female Entrepreneurs:What Can Policy Makers Learn from Their Success?

Miho E Watabe
The Virtuous Fan: Historical Identity and Modern Minority Representation in Comic Book Culture

Timothy J. Watkins
Behind a Mask: Performativity in the Gothic Thrillers of Louisa May Alcott

Bachelor of Arts 2014

Sandra C. Almeida
A Comparative Analysis of Arctic Risk Assessment of Methylmercury in Fish: Implications for the Inuit

Timothy Adrigan Andres
Linking the Past with Technology: Web Based Multimedia Annotation and Linking in the DM Project

Randa R. Barsoom
Drug Discovery Efforts Targeting Mutant p53 for the Treatment of Glioblastoma

Dana J. Baumgartner
Talk isn't Cheap: The Effects of Greenwashing on the Environment

Mariel Anna Caputo
Solitude, Spinsterhood, and Single Blessedness: The Brontës and Redundant Women in Nineteenth-Century Protestant England

Samantha A. Cassidy
Developing a novel co-culture model and testing the effects of placental derived stem cells on inflammation in Alzheimer's disease

Joel Chapman
Dr. George I. Sánchez, Mexican Americans, and the Transformative Impact of the Mask of Whiteness: 1946 1970

Nicholas D. Chiappini
Photooxidation of methoxyphenols on titanium dioxide aerosol surrogates

Katelyn Cusmano
The Effect of Metformin and Insulin on Neuronal Degeneration in a Glucose/Streptozotocin Model of Alzheimer's Disease

Claire J. Du Laney
'Monstrous Tricks with the Metre': The Creeds, Dante and Dorothy L. Sayers' Orthodoxy without Sentiment

Maria Falzone
Nutritional Studies on the Production of the Antibiotic Platensimycin by Streptomyces platensis

Gregory L. Gedman
Neurofunctional assessment in a neonatal rat model of focal cerebral ischemia following caffeine exposure

Khemani Gibson
The Life of the Invisible Black Hercules: West Indian Migration, Labor, and Communal Identity in Panama, 1881-1949

Mariel A. Hooper
Beppe Grillo and the Rise of the Five Stars Movement: An Examination of M5S in the Context of Italian Populism

Alae Zenab Kawam
Demystifying the Atmosphere with a Model Aerosol System: The Photo-enhanced Ozonolysis of Surface Adsorbed Organics

Sara Kerby
The Private Prison Industry's Role in the Immigration Industrial Complex

Hailee S. Kerr
Obligation as a Mediator in the Relationship between Moral Conviction and Activism

Mary G. Lamont
The Construction and Utilization of a Raman Spectrometer for the purpose of testing Surface-Enhancement

Christina R. Leriche
The Scientific Analysis, Reconstruction, and Cross Cultural Comparison of Human Trophy Items From the Americas

Caitlin Mattera
Death & All His Friends, Narration in Markus Zusak's The Book Thief

Eliza L. Mauhs-Pugh
Santiago Matamoros: Reconquista and Identity in Twelfth-Century Iberia

Evelyn E. Meisenbacher
The Aran Islander in the Late Irish Literary Renaissance: An Ecocritical Reading

Kyle J. Messina
Investigation of the Mechanism of Ca2+ Catalyzed RNA Phosphodiester Hydrolysis

Megan E. Modic
Waiting: The Implications of Abolishing the Subminimum Wage in the U.S Restaurant Industry

Inez P. Neto
Aimé Césaire: Une révolte poétique

Francine E. Odri
"You Will Always Be Known as a 'Betwixt and Between'": J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan and its Afterlives

Michelle Leah Opdyke
The Truth Undressed: The Complex Relationship Between Government Legislation, Renaissance Literature, and Women's Writings in Late Tudor England

Runi M. Patel
Screening and evaluation of small molecules targeting mutant p53 for potential cancer therapy

Karina P. Russ
The Importance of Framing: Maintaining Self-Control through Motivation

Rachel Marie Schachter
Religion of the Heart: Zinzendorfs Theology and its Implications for Sexuality in the Moravian Church Today

Robert Scheffler
Protein Factors Affecting the Small RNA Regulation

Corinne Schoch
Género, sexualidad y la renegociación de la masculinidad latina en los Estados Unidos: cuatro ejemplos fílmicos (2002-2012)

Zainab A. Sulaiman
"Alicia Could Have, Recy Should Have and Jezebel Didnt Want To": An Analysis of the Relationship Between the Jezebel Stereotype and Victim Blaming of Sexual Assault Survivors

Alicia N. Whavers
Wright and Ellison: Icons of African American Protest Literature

Rebecca Whetten-Goldstein
The Influence of Power on People's Preferences and Attention

Bachelor of Arts 2009

Violeta Naydenova
Portfolio construction with equity linked structured products

Bachelor of Arts 1983

Chris Brentlinger
The European Community, Economic Security and the Lomé II Convention

Bachelor of Arts 1959

Kenneth E. Rowe
The background and education of Methodist ministers in the United States, 1790-1860, as revealed in their autobiographies

Bachelor of Science 2024

Sarah Alfau
Effects of Tea Tree Oil against Persister Cells from Biofilm Structures

Ethan Bockhorn
The Effect of Human Population Density on Water Quality of Ponds and Lakes in Morris County, NJ

Aline Carla Krüger
Design and synthesis of novel pyridine-based conjugated ligands for 2D perovskite formation and improved solar cell efficiency

Michelle Lombardi
The Effects of Urban Agriculture on Soil Quality

Daniel Magda
Avian richness and population dynamics in the Drew Forest during the 2023 fall migration

Joel Asabi Moses
Investigating the Effects of pH and Salt Concentration on Substrate Inhibition of Yeast Aldo-Keto Reductase 163

Rachel Sirica
The influence of aquatic macroinvertebrates on the abundance of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis

Megan Slater
Sex Differences for Developing Anxiety or Depression Related Behaviors After Early Life Exposure to Chronic Variable Stress (CVS) in Long-Evans Rats

Bachelor of Science 2023

Mehek M. Agrawal
Integrative taxonomy of New Jersey tardigrades

Hailei Clark
Evaluating Local Water: How Development Affects Water Quality and Dissolved Solids in Lakes and Ponds of Morris County, NJ

Lauren DiRienzo
Investigating the Role of the Interaction of USP18 With Proteins of the IFI16/cGAS Pathway

Gabriel Dutra
Forecasting Financial Time Series: An Empirical Analysis of LSTM Model Performance Across Minute, Hourly, and Daily Time Frames

Cristabella Fortna
Kinetics and Mechanism of Carbonyl Substitution of Os3(CO)10(μ-I)2 by P(OR)3

Narisa Diana Lee
Investigating Substrate Inhibition and the Effects of pH in an Aldo-keto Reductase from a Yeast Strain using Electron Withdrawing Substrates

Ryan Money
Mutations of Bacillus subtilis to Increase Production of Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) Intermediate Guanosine Triphosphate (GTP)

Lucas Portadin
Product Inhibition of AKR163: an Aldoketoreductase from a Yeast from Ancient Amber

Laila Andaloussi Serraj
Investigating and Improving the Accuracy of Bilirubin Measurement in Neonates

Andrew Ezra Sutter
Evaluating Developmental Shape Selectivity From Simultaneous Multi-Unit Recordings Along the Ventral Visual Pathway

Vincent Toth
Assessing the Impact of Agriculture on the Introduction of Microplastics in New Jersey's Ponds and Lakes

Gabby Tronosky
The Effect of Salt Ions on the Substrate Inhibition of a Novel Aldo-Keto Reductase

Bachelor of Science 2022

Daniel Blumenthal
Discovery of novel isoindole antibacterial compounds

Jose Fabrizzio Cevallos
Modulating Neurotrophin P75 Receptor to Protect Neurons from an Alzheimer's Disease Cell Culture System through the use of LM11A-31

Erica Cowper
Climate change and the Asteraceae family: Changes in leaf length and area from 1886 to 2021 in Morris County, NJ

Evan Fairweather
Developing a LRRK2 Model of Parkinson's Disease in C. elegans

Virginia Gaylord
Impacts of Pine- and Lemon-Based Cleaners on Indoor Air Quality

Krishna Patel
The Roles of Neurexin in Caenorhabditis elegans Behavior

Paxtan Perry
The Synthesis and Analysis of Triosmium Carbonyl Clusters with Potential Biological Activity

Hannah Primiano
Nutrient Availability in the Ocean: An analysis of 2-nitrophenol on iron containing mineral dust and the effects of nutrients on phytoplankton distribution in the Southern Ocean

Justin S. Roskam
Yeast Alcohol Dehydrogenase Catalyzed Reduction of Nitriles to Amines

Caroline Tramontana
Protocol Development for the Synthesis and Application of Samarium Diiodide Using Schlenk Line Techniques

Stephanie H. Wang
Modeling neuroligin based autism spectrum disorders in Caenorhabditis elegans

Beyza N. Yilmaz
Samarium Diiodide: Air-Free Synthesis Methods and Some Applications in Simple Reduction and Cross Coupling Reactions

Morgan Zielinski
Effects of freezer storage on soluble solids, anthocyanins, and titratable acidity in Rubus phoenicolasius fruits

Bachelor of Science 2021

Angelo C. Angione
In Vitro Exploration of Androgen Receptor Mediated Neuroprotection of Testosterone in an Oxidative Stress Model of Alzheimer's Disease

Katelynn Fleming
Probing Particle Physics: The Search for New Physics in the WWγ Decay Mode with the ATLAS Detector at CERN

Matheus Macena de Carvalho
Single-Laser Optical Tweezers: Background, Applications, and Calibration Methods

Shivani Mody
The Search for Reliable Behavioral Assays to Model Parkinson's Disease in the Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans

Karishma S. Patel
Modeling and Manipulating Mutant Neurexins in Caenorhabditis elegans

Kayla Rockhill
Image Approximation by means of Error Minimization

Arman Sawhney
Investigating Intrinsic Immune Functions of IFI16 and IFIX

Robert Sutter
Role of Chromatin Structure in Immune Sensing of DNA

Kayla Witkowski
Exploring neuroprotective effect of a combined strategy of LM11A-31, Resveratrol, and Methylene Blue as a treatment for Alzheimer's Disease pathology: A pilot study

Bachelor of Science 2020

Lloyd Goldstein
What Makes a Good Quarterback? Analysis of Longitudinal NFL Data Using Latent Variable Clustering Methods

Marina Hahn
Understanding the Innate Immune Response to Single-Stranded DNA and Parvoviruses

Thomas Potts
Interactions Between IFI16 and Chromatin Silencing Proteins

Brady Thexton
Surviving or thriving: carbon trade-offs between growth, defense, and floral reproduction in Rubus allegheniensis and R. phoenicolasius in Northcentral New Jersey, USA

Violet Wallerstein
Don't Break a Leg: The Effects of Vitamin D Intervention and Lactose Intolerance on the Bone Health of Pediatric Patients