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 The Theological School : Doctor of Ministry : 2023

Hanna R. Broome
Humiliation and Its Impact Within a Religious Framework

Sang Chul Chang
Carry on a Family Line of Faith to the Next Generation Through the Tong Bible School : Focusing on 300 Families of Seosan Church Tong Bible School and 21st Century Leader School
통(通) 성경 학교를 통한 다음 세대로 믿음의 대(代) 잇기 : 서산교회 300가정 통(通) 성경 학교와 21세기 리더 학교를 중심으로

Sung Hwan Cho
A Study on the Growth of Laity Faith Through "One on One Discipling" : Focusing on the Case of Chungil Church
일대일 제자 양육 을 통한 평신도 신앙 성장에 대한 연구 : 충일교회 사례를 중심으로

Jinwook Chung
Biographical Storytelling of David in a View of Transformational Faith
변형적 신앙의 관점에서 본 다윗의 전기적 스토리텔링

Leonilde Colon Jr.
Social and Political Engagement Through a Pentecostal Framework in a Post-COVID Era

Julio A González-Paniagua
The United States Latin American Immigration Crisis: A Theological, Historical, and Educational Approach for Restitution
La crisis migratoria latinoamericana de Estados Unidos: Un enfoque teológico, histórico y educativo para la restitución

Sang Min Heo
A Story of Corinthian Church as Our Story : A Study of Issues of Korean Churches with a Lens of Corinthian Church
고린도 교회 우리의 이야기 : 고린도 교회로 보는 한국 교회 문제 고찰

Heather Hill
Worshipping the Full Genderedness of God: Episcopal Liturgy That Embraces the Feminine Part of God

Marion Ryan Hubbard
A Faith-Based Support Group For Adults Who Experienced Childhood Trauma

Kwangsong Jeon
The Kingdom of Priests and Ancient Empires: A Postcolonial and "Tong" Reading of Daniel 1-6
제사장 나라와 고대 제국: 탈식민주의와 “통”(通)으로 다니엘 1-6장 읽기

Sun O Jeong
Tong Bible Education for Ministers : A Case Study of Lecturer Courses at Bible Tongdokwon
목회자 통성경 교육 연구 : 성경통독원 렉처러 코스를 중심으로

Daewoung Jo
A Study on the Relationship Between Lesslie Newbigib's Missional Church and Bi-Vocational Ministry: A Practical-Theological Analysis
네슬리 뉴비긴의 선교적 교회와 겸직 목회의 관계에 대한 실천신학적 고찰

Gyehyeon Jo
MZ Generation's Application of Faith Education Through Tong Bible Program : Focusing on the Field of Christian Education
통성경 프로그램을 통한 MZ세대의 신앙교육 적용방안 : 기독교교육 현장을 중심으로

Jonghwa Kim
The Crisis and Countermeasures of Korean Church School Mission : Focused on the Case of Myongji High School
한국교회 학원선교 위기와 대책 : 명지고등학교 사례를 중심으로

Youngwoo Kim
Church and Ministry in the New Normal Era with EPIC
EPIC을 통한 뉴노멀 시대의 교회와 목회

Bokeum Kwon
A Study On The Church That Attracts The Young Generation First : Focusing On The Case Of Jeonju University
젊은 세대들이 먼저 찾아 오게 하는 교회에 대한 연구 : 전주대학교 사례를 중심으로

Kwanglyel Lee
Bible Prayer and Holistic Spiritual Formation at Tong Bible School
통성경학교의 성경기도와 통전적 영성 형성

Saya Lee
A Research on the Direction of Online Church Content Development in the Post-Pandemic Era: Focusing on the Case of Yangrim Church in Gwangju
포스트 팬데믹 시대의 온라인 교회 콘텐츠 개발 방향 연구: 광주양림교회 사례를 중심으로

Teresita Matos-Post
Comadre Leadership Among Protestant Latinas/X: Bridging the Struggle With Strengths

Kevin Ian Middleton
Another Way: Sustaining the Health and Longevity of Black Urban Churches Through a Co-Vocational Framework

Lewanda Denise Miller
From Transactional Leader to Transformative Collaborator: Paradigm Shift of Black Church Leadership

Daeho Oh
A Study on the Validity and Direction of Online Worship in the COVID-19 Era : Focused on the Case of Gwanju Yangrim Church
코로나 시대 온라인 예배의 타당성과 방향에 관한 연구 : 광주양림교회 사례를 중심으로

Sean Seokman Park
A Family Ministry for Young Adults : A Case Study of Korean Community Church of New Jersey
청장년 세대를 위한 가정사역 : 뉴져지연합교회 청장년부 사례를 중심으로

Stephen Mark Rhoads
Camino Transcendence in the Worship Experience

Byoung Geun Song
A Study on EPIC Model for Development of Small Group : A Case Study of Ganeungjeil Church, Korea
소그룹 발전을 위한 EPIC 모델 연구: 가능제일교회 청년부 소그룹 사례연구

Reginald W Steele
Processing Transformation: Reshaping Survival Mode Dynamics in The Black Church

Alexis Carter Thomas
The Eight Week Womanist Workshop: Can Womanist Theology be a Source of Liberation for Black Churchwomen?

Helen Elizabeth Love Tu'uta
The Practice of Joy: A Model of Transformation for the Individual or Church

Tirzah R. Turner
Dismantling Foundations of Racism Within White Christianity in the United States: A Survey of Faith-Based, Anti-Racism Education

Charles Lee Watterson
Male Identified Network (MIN): Utilizing the Themes of Radical Hospitality and Imago Dei as the Foundation for Building New Metrics Amongst Men in the Open and Affirming Churches in the Metropolitan Association of United Church of Christ

Dayhige M Wright
Fostering Effective Intergenerational Relationships Through Pastoral Care in the Black Church

Sung Joon Yun
Building the Church at Our Workplace and its Biblical Foundations
일터에 세우는 교회 형성 및 그 사역의 성경적 본질 연구