Drew University Library : University Archives : Theses and Dissertations : 2021
 The College of Liberal Arts

Bachelor of Arts 2021

Maxxe Albert-Deitch
Controlling the Narrative: How National Mythology and Archaeology Shaped Identity in Modern-Day Israel

Aisha Arain
The Politics of Linguistic Power Structures in South-Asia: An Analysis of Language Identity and Nationalism in Pakistan

Brett Cheadle
Analyzing Community-based and Centralized Approaches to Natural Disaster Management: A Comparative Case Study Analysis in Southeast Asia

Grace Crozier
The Effects of Physical Activity on Cognitive Development in Adolescents

William DeJianne
Demoralization: Do Perceptions of Low Harm Reduce Moral Conviction?

Lauren DeLillo
Le lettere di Fortunata Mauro: esempio di scrittura epistolare come processo di identità e assimilazione culturale degli immigrati italiani negli Stati Uniti di inizio Novecento

Stephen Dechert
The Practicalities of Literary Studies: Depictions of Ordinary Life in Ulysses

Kara Dobias
Rectifying a Historical Wrong: A Critical Examination of the Economic and Racial Politics of American Opera

Madison Dudziec
Consociationalism and Ethno-Sectarian Conflict: Iraq's Political Fragmentation and Flawed Federalism

Janna Fadler
Representation of the Environment on Social Media Through Australian and Amazon Forest Fires

Erin Feith
Nursing the Hangover: The Response of the Methodist Church to the Repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment (1934-1950)

Sarah Gass
The Promulgation of the Alt-Right in American Politics: Nativism in Contemporary Political Discourse

Emily Graves
Life and Death During Industrial Philadelphia: Skeletal Health and Pathological Conditions of the 1800s

Brynne M. Growney
Masking Up: The Impact of Political Ideology, Empathy, and Conformity on People's Choice to Wear a Mask in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Julia Kenner
"Boys Masturbate, Girls Menstruate:" Reframing and Reforming Sex Education in the United States

Kelly Maegerlein
Investigating the Effects of RD100, a Potential Group III mGluR Positive Modulator, in a Primary Rat Cortical FAB/NMDA Model of Alzheimer's Disease

Annalisa Manabat
Bad Girls, Bold Wives, Bloody Mothers: Monstrous Women in Film Through the Lens of Women's Liberation 1960-1981

Elsa Nygard
Coeducation at Brother's College, 1942-1950

Peace Oyekola
Elite Bargaining: The Glue That Holds Nigeria's Democracy Together

Brianna Perrone
International Intellectual Property Rights and the Pharmaceutical Industry: A Comparison of Former French Colonies

Caroline Polich
World on Fire: Painting Landscapes Altered by Climate Change

Maria Reidy
Collective Identity and a Warming Planet: Exploring the Motivations Behind Climate Change Activism

Rebecca Schuman
The Case for Linking Causes: Why Animal Rights Are an Environmental Issue

Brianna L. Scotti
Social Distancing: Dividing Life into a Fractured Experience of the Physical and Digital Space to Transform the Human from a User to a Raw Material

Lisa Stites
California's Wildfire Problem: The Neglected Role of Class and Housing

Ryan S. Strauss
The Anglo-American Special Relationship: Antiquity or Destiny?

Benjamin Strickland
In Silico Discovery of FtsZ Inhibitors for the Treatment of Multidrug-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Theresa Vaillancourt
Scottish Independence in a Post-Brexit World: A Legal Analysis on the Scottish Right to Hold an Independence Referendum

Bachelor of Science 2021

Angelo C. Angione
In Vitro Exploration of Androgen Receptor Mediated Neuroprotection of Testosterone in an Oxidative Stress Model of Alzheimer's Disease

Katelynn Fleming
Probing Particle Physics: The Search for New Physics in the WWγ Decay Mode with the ATLAS Detector at CERN

Matheus Macena de Carvalho
Single-Laser Optical Tweezers: Background, Applications, and Calibration Methods

Shivani Mody
The Search for Reliable Behavioral Assays to Model Parkinson's Disease in the Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans

Karishma S. Patel
Modeling and Manipulating Mutant Neurexins in Caenorhabditis elegans

Kayla Rockhill
Image Approximation by means of Error Minimization

Arman Sawhney
Investigating Intrinsic Immune Functions of IFI16 and IFIX

Robert Sutter
Role of Chromatin Structure in Immune Sensing of DNA

Kayla Witkowski
Exploring neuroprotective effect of a combined strategy of LM11A-31, Resveratrol, and Methylene Blue as a treatment for Alzheimer's Disease pathology: A pilot study

 The Caspersen School of Graduate Studies

Master of Letters 2021

Vincent Unger
The Influence of the "New Negro Movement" Among Jazz Musicians

Doctor of Letters 2021

Mohammed Obaid Alotaibi
Globalization in Saudi Arabian and North American Novels

Marie Caniglia-Robiolio
Arts Education: An Essential Experience

Theodore Hart
Shakespeare's Ecopolitics of the Garden

Renata Renee Kessler
The Flowers and Bones of Georgia O'Keeffe: A Research-Based Dissertation Culminating in a Full-Length Play: Days with Juan

Christina I. McGrath
Saint Patrick: Issues of Translation and His Enduring Pastoral Message

Master of Medical Humanities 2021

Jay Sardini
In Defense of an Alternative Approach to Ethical Allocation Decision Making During a Period of Public Health Emergency: An Egalitarian Multi-Principle Allocation Decision Making Framework

Doctor of Medical Humanities 2021

Suzanne J Milkiewicz-Bryjak
Breath One, Breath Two, Breath Three: Utilizing Narrative Consultation for Healthcare Culture Transformation

France L. Reed
Beyond God's Work: A Thematic Analysis of Nurse Image During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Doctor of Philosophy 2021

Yvonne C Garrett
(Re)Constructing Identity: Structures of Female Empowerment in 1980s American Punk Subculture

 The Theological School

Doctor of Ministry 2021

Nathan Addo-Nartey
Developing A Church-based And Laity-led Bereavement Ministry For Integrated And Sustainable Sozo-healing

James Henry Alexander
"Beginning a Good Work": Embracing the Model of Nehemiah for Pastoral Transitions

David K. Brawley
Where Do We Go From Here? Sacred Memory in a Black Church Context

Elizabeth Munro Breakey
Journeying through transition: A case study in the application of Bowen Family Systems Theory for parish ministry

Shannon Patricia Daley-Harris
Sustaining Sisterhood: The Power of Spiritual Retreats for Women Leaders in the Children's Movement

Alton Craig Dunn
Moving From Transactional Action to Relational Gathering: Towards Mobilizing Communities for the Common Good

Sela E. Finau
A Moana Navigator on a Voyage: Following Jesus and Creating Third Space Faith Communities

Jamel Javon (J.J. Flag) Flag
Turning Away from Ableism: Journeying Toward a More Radically Inclusive Church for People with Disabilities

Junwoo Jang
Pursuing a Missional Church in a Mission Field: A Study of a Relational/Spiritual Church at Krabi in Thailand

Sungbong Jin
A Study of The Bible Tongdok during Feast of Tabernacles

Harold R. Jolley
Developing A Matthew 25 Church

Kyungchan Jun
Tong Story Sermon for Faith Growth: A Case Study of Okahandja Park Church, Namibia

Hyunjoon Kim
A Model of Teaching Ministry for Missional Church: A Case Study of Building the Gospel Project at Sekwang Church in Ilsan, Korea

Seongmoo Kim
An Empathic Ministry for 3040 Newly-Wed Couples : A Case Study of Healing Church, Seoul, Korea

Pamela Masten
Defining and Developing a Congregational Care Plan in a Large Urban Church

Brandon McLauchlin
More Than Sunday Service: The Flow of an Incarnational Life

Sonya McMillan
The Impact of Societal Change on a Traditional Church

Brian Moll
The Only LGBTQuestions That Matter: A Study Guide for loving our LGBTQ neighbors well

Youngsuk Nam
Tong Sermon for Children at a Military Church : A Case Study of Sunday School in Korean Army Training Center Church

Daekyu Oh
Church Growth through Evangelism and Alpha Course : A Case Study of Kwangyoung Joongang Church

Daniel Park
Training and Empowering Laity for Divine Healing Prayer

Ryan D. Smith
Teaching Human Rights: A Curriculum for Religious Leaders

Kwangsoo Song
Bible Tongdok as a Curriculum of Teaching Ministry: A Case Study of the One Year Bible Tongdok at Korean Church of Atlanta UMC

Frances Snelling Teabout
Preparing for Battle: Equipping Pastors and Lay Leaders to Identify and Mediate the Symptoms of Urban Trauma, Specifically Suicide

Elaine Ellis Thomas
The Mile Square Cathedral: The Church as Community Healer

Marisa Tabizon Thompson
That We All May Be One: Toward a Deeper Understanding of Ethics in Ecumenism in The Episcopal Church

John H. Vaughn
Faith, Activism, and Sports: Black Athletes of Faith Engaged in United States Professional Team Sports

Angel L. Vélez Oyola
La Teología como propedéutica para el desarrollo de un modelo de Justicia Social Penitenciaria

Anita R. Wright
The Quilt: Preaching, Teaching, and Testimony as Storytelling

Taekyoung You
Reorientation of the Church with EPIC for Evangelism Project: EPIC Open House Sunday of Miraero Church

Taekwang Yu
Designing a Healing Praise Worship: A Case Study of Healing Church, Seoul, Korea

Doctor of Philosophy 2021

Lisa A Gasson-Gardner
Feeling Right: Political Theology, White Evangelical Christianity, and the Im/Possible Project of Listening

Nikki Hoskins
Everyday Experiments in the Projects: Black Women's Moral Visions for the Earth

Austin Roberts
Anthropocene Imaginaries: Geophilosophy, Political Theology, and the Planetary Future

Max Thornton
Cyborg Trans/Criptions: Gender, Disability, and the Image of God

June Hee Yoon
Envisioning Home with Queer Holiness at the Core: A Case Study of Korean American Christian Communities