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 The Theological School : Doctor of Ministry : 2018

Shon Toinette Adkins
Enhancing the Culture of Welcoming at the Church With a Big Heart

Hyginus Agu
Ibo Catholic Community Church of Bridgeport: The Challenges of Liturgical Worship and Practices in Urban American Church

Youngjune Bae
Tong Bible Reading for Family Church: A Case Study of Namil Church, Geumsan, Korea

Jimmy Todd Bardin
Pilgrimage as a Means of Spiritual Formation

Janeide A. Chillis
A Theology of Disability Toward Faith & Healing

Hyeon Soo Cho
Preaching to young Koreans: The Images of Jesus as revealed in their life experiences, faith stories, and prayers

Jovan Troy Davis
A Complete Overhaul of the Guests to New Discipleship Assimilation System of St. John Missionary Baptist Church

Jinyoung Ha
Ministerial Functions of Tong Bible School in a Local Church: A Case Study of Ganghwa Bethany Methodist Church, Incheon, Korea

Bruce Hartman
Go Where the People Are: Analyzing Social Media and Methods for Delivering Faith-Based Messages

Shane Hilliard
Making Disciples: A Church in Transition Within The Community of God

Duck Young Hwang
Recovery of Holistic Mission : A Case Study of Saejungang Church, Anyang, Korea

Clifford Anthony Jones
Oh Fix Me: Modifying Worship Primarily in Black Churches to Foster Resonance and Affection for Negro Spirtiuals among Young Adult Blacks ages 21-38

Jeffrey Kanode
Sacred Story Space

Willie J Keaton
Mass Incarceration and Pastoral Care

Hyeok Jin Kweon
Tong Bible Program for Young Adult Ministry: A Study of Saesoon Church, Changwon, Korea

Charolette Hagan Leach
My Spiritual Calling: A Journey of Encouraging Health and Wholeness

Dong Choul Choul Lee
Holistic Education for Ministry of New Members: A Case Study of Sun Chang Church and JangYuDaeSung Church, Korea

Fernando Linhares
Walk With Me: Liberation Theology and Critical Theory within Prison Ministry

Marie Von Delle McCormick
Being Church in the Borderlands: An Exploration of Ministry and Mission of Rincon Congregational United Church of Christ with Central American Migrants and Refugees

Carol Marie McEntyre
Exploring Ppstmodern Worship: Worship Innovation in a Traditional Baptist Church

Kyungmin Min
Tong Bible Learning for Understanding the Words of the Congregation: A Case Study of Tamra Church, Jeju, Korea

Moonsung Na
Systematic and Organic Administration for Tong Ministry : A Case Study of Saejungang Church, Anyang, Korea

In Cheon Oh
A Study of Reading the Bible Through for Children: A Case of GwangMyung Seohyun Church, Gwang-Ju, Korea

Liston Page, Jr.
Interpreting the Ancient Archaic Text Using Contemporary Pedagogical Methods for Church Growth

Jaekwan Park
EPIC Church Education Program for Postmodern Generation: A Case of Saejungang Church, Anyang, Korea

Renee Ann Pistone
The Transformative Power of the Ministry of Hospitality

Rickey L. Randall, Jr.
Building the Capacity of Spiritual Care Givers to Minister to the Cultural Trauma of Care Seekers

Hector Rivera
The Mañana Project: Toward a Theology of Incarnational Eschatology as a Catalyst in Fomenting a Sense of Self-Esteem within the Homeless Latino Immigrant Population in Central Islip, NY

Sang Jun Shin
Tong-Bible Reading with Facebook: A Study of Reading the Bible through with Social Media

Louis D. Threatt
A Ministry of Presence: Creating a "Re-Entry Church" that is a deliberative response to the trauma of Mass Incarceration

Sebrina Trent Elmore
Creating a Space Toward Healing Through Grace Within the African American Church and Community

Douglas Adrian Wilkins
Sports Evangelism: a New Tool to Minister to African American Men in Various Communities

Brian Williams
This is What Our Church Used to Do: Reconnecting Our Community to Municipal Resources in the Midst and Aftermath of Natural Disaster

Jung Mo Yang
Tong Preaching in a Context of Congregational Visitation : A Study of Visitation Ministry in Saejungang Church, Anyang, Korea