Drew University Library : University Archives : Theses and Dissertations
 The Theological School : Doctor of Ministry : 2020

Rev. Wendy L. Abrahamson
Be Still and Know that I am God: Parish as Spiritual Life Center

Johnnie Brooker
The Role of the National Baptist African American Female Clergy: Shifting the Culture Using Liberation to Empower the 21st Century Church

Jaekwang Kim
Tong Bible Family Worship

Myungchul Kim
Recovery of Publicness: Tong Sermons on the Kingdom of God for Young Adult Group of Ilsan Somang Church, Korea

Taikjo Kim
Teaching the Bible and the Doctrine through Stories at Military Churches in Korea

Jimmy A. Lalljie
Return to Missio Dei: Initiating Missional Transition in a Small Church

Jeongwook Lee
Forming of the World View of the Youth and Tong Bible: A Case Study of Youth Group at Habseong Church, Masan, Korea

Bonnie Mixon McCrickard
Stories of Growth and Decline: Examining the Measurement of The Episcopal Church's Efficacy

Kyoungchan Min
Singing Together to Become Incarnational Church: Creative Arts Education for EPIC Generation

Jeffrey P. Moore
The Practice of Polydoxy in Polyrepresentational Parishes

Timothy Nicinski
The Center for Spiritual Renewal at Centenary University: A space that will provide spiritual growth, mindfulness tools and strategies for those experiencing workplace stress

Daewon Park
EPIC Worship for EPIC Generation: A Study of Good Friday Service at Youngeun Church, Seoul, Korea

Gideok Park
Evangelism with Six Atonement Stories: A Case Study of Gumijeja Church, Gumi, Korea

Jason L. Robinson
Transitioning and Transforming a Ministry Through Effective and Efficient Leadership

Seongeun Song
Personal Evangelism through Coaching : A Case Study of Life Church, Incheon, Korea

Chanel Speaks-Green
Justice and the Justified: A work of revitalization and exploration of justice theologically and socially through the ministry of outreach within the African American Pentecostal Church

Elon J. Sylvester
Worship as an Illumination of the Ethnic and Deep Cultural Conflicts That Occur with Pastors Serving in Cross-Cultural Pastoral Appointments in the New York Conference of the United Methodist Church