Drew University Library : University Archives : Theses and Dissertations
 The Theological School : Doctor of Ministry : 2022

Sushama Meredith Cleva Austin-Connor
A Theology of Liberative Wellness for Black Women Clergy

Kyoung Seog Chang
Spiritual Pilgrimage for Faith Maturation

Jungkyu Choi
Holistic Development of the Congregation through Tong Sermon : A Case Study of Habseong Church, Masan, Korea

Demar Felix Fearon
Social Justice Preaching in the Seventh-day Adventist Church

Amanda Rose Hemenetz
Incorporating Difficult Conversations in Worship

Tae Soon Im
A Strategy of Re-Mission : From Taker to Giver

Seungkwon Jang
A Meal Table Community for Re - Church - A Case Study of Seonam Church

Chanil Jung
A Ministerial Method for Ubiquitous Church: A Case Study of Hansomang Church, Paju, Korea

Scott Morrison Kershner
Experiences of Native American Students at Susquehanna University and the Renewal of Chaplaincy in Higher Education

Yunmin Kim
Church Education in the Age of the New Normal : A Case Study of Saejungang Church, Anyang, Korea

Jaewoo Lee
The Tong Bible for the education of the next generation: A Case of High School of Healing Church in Korea

San Ho Lee
Nurturing mission of Military Church through One to One Bible Study : A Case Study of Military Churches in Korea

Sehee Lee
Family Faith Education for the next generation in the untact era : A Case Study of Hansomang Church, Paju, Korea

Teaira M. Parker
Mobilization: Solidarity through Anti-Racist Training

Zhaodeng Peng
The Andrew Movement

Ruthann Reid
Live and Let Die: Embracing The Life, Death, And Grief Cycles In The African American Church

Richard M Romero
Experiences of Hispanic United Methodist Clergy Serving in Cross-Cultural and Cross-Racial Appointments in the Greater New Jersey Conference of the United Methodist Church

Iraida Ruiz de Porras
From Darkness to Light: Finding Hope, Growth, and Life in a Multi-Cultural Spiritual Wilderness

Cathleen Sklenar-Studwell
Come and See: How the Invitation to Abide in the Gospel of John and First John Can Impact a Congregation's Understanding of Its Ministry

Kellie Turner
Burn the Damned Cape: The Correlation Between the Neglect of Self Care and the Abuse of Power by African American Male Clergy

Sarah Marie Welch-Pomerantz
Biblical Covenants, Polity, and the United Church of Christ

Zuline Gray Wilkinson
Scarcity, Poverty, and Theology: Tensions for the Courageous Leader