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 The Theological School : Doctor of Ministry : 2024

Elrica Adams-Finney
Go Tell It On The Mountain: Justice Begins When The Vulnerable Are Heard. A Chaplain's Research in S. Africa and the US

Dre An
Practice of Christian Social Welfare through Spirituality

Sukhyun Bae
Research on Untact Spiritual Training for Faith Reform Movement: A Case Study of Daily Prayer School

Sherry Blackman
The Transformative Power of Creativity

Soniyyah Denice Blue-Key
Moving Beyond Diversity Theater: Approaching Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as a Form of Spiritual Formation

Eric Marcus Brewer
Healing Hidden Wounds: The Resilience of Black Men And The Impact of Their Spirituality Upon Their Grief Recovery

Hui Soo Choi
Healthy Church thriving with Local Community: A Case Study of Pyeongchon Church

Roberto Che Espinoza
Becoming Trans Trans Becoming: Towards a TransChristology

Mona Fitch-Elliott
Striving Toward Racial Equity in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

James M Gehrke
Walking the Sacred Journey: (Re) Discovering the Spiritual Significance of Pilgrimage in a Secular World

Woong Heo
DISC School for Congregational Relationship

Heekyung Kim
Global Citizen Education through Expanding Church's Publicity: A Case Study of Healing Church

Hyesook Kim
Family Community Ministry through the Meal Table

Seung Hyeon Kim
Crossovering Diasporic Korean Church: Recovering Church Identity through Tongdok

Heemoon Lee
Recovery of Biblical Koinonia: A Case Study of Central Methodist Church

Minho Lee
The Effect of Tong Preaching on Faith Development in the Generation MZ: A Case Study on the Youth Group of Jumunjin Methodist Church

Sunghun Lee
Tong Bible and Relationship with Neighboring Churches: A Case Study of Relationship with Yangju Area Pastors

Bonnie McCubbin
I Love to Tell the Story: A Pilgrimage Towards Racial Justice in The United Methodist Church

Douchan Na
An Impact of Tong Sermon on Young Adult Ministry: A Case Study on Haneulbit Young Adult Church

Byungho Park
Tong Bible and Evangelism for Non Churched Area: A Case Study of Hansi Mission

Jennifer Pick
Birthing Place: Placemaking as Wo/men's Work

Aemina Razzano
Trauma-Informed Care, Recovery, and the Authentic Self: A Practical Book for Spiritually Informed Communities

John Gottlieb Ruehl, IV
The Road to Emmaus: Bringing a Local Congregation into Conversation with the Asset Based Community Development Model

Jongoh Seo
A Study of EPIC for Faith Education of Next Generation: A Case Study of Seokgok Church

Seongsoo Sim
EPIC Ministry for Young Adults: A Case Study of Yeneung Young Adult Church

Mia Hash Sloan
Religious Trauma: How Religious Trauma has unjustly silenced Black women living with HIV in the Southeast Region of the US South and how religious trauma affects relationships with their faith communities

Adalí Efraín Vélez
Spiritual Practices Lead to Sustainable Social Justice: An Immigrant Expression

Patti V Weikart
From the Congregational Health Network to the Healing Tree: A New Model for Providing Collaborative and Equitable Care for Patients and Families Managing Sickle Cell Disease

Wendy Angela Williams
Why Does the African American Church Remain Silent on the Issue of Domestic Abuse? An Investigation and Implimentation of the Feminine Divine to Address the Problem

Claire Wu
Introduction to Cooperative Parish: Five Principles for Developing Homogeneous Parishes into Multicultural Cooperative Parishes