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 The Theological School : Doctor of Ministry : 2021

Nathan Addo-Nartey
Developing A Church-based And Laity-led Bereavement Ministry For Integrated And Sustainable Sozo-healing

James Henry Alexander
"Beginning a Good Work": Embracing the Model of Nehemiah for Pastoral Transitions

Miles Travis Boyd, Jr.
Redefining the Position of an African American Baptist Church for the Millennials through Social Justice in the 21st century: LGBTQIA+

David K. Brawley
Where Do We Go From Here? Sacred Memory in a Black Church Context

Elizabeth Munro Breakey
Journeying through transition: A case study in the application of Bowen Family Systems Theory for parish ministry

Shannon Patricia Daley-Harris
Sustaining Sisterhood: The Power of Spiritual Retreats for Women Leaders in the Children's Movement

Alton Craig Dunn
Moving From Transactional Action to Relational Gathering: Towards Mobilizing Communities for the Common Good

Sela E. Finau
A Moana Navigator on a Voyage: Following Jesus and Creating Third Space Faith Communities

Jamel Javon (J.J. Flag) Flag
Turning Away from Ableism: Journeying Toward a More Radically Inclusive Church for People with Disabilities

Megan L. Foley
Enacting Public Theology Through Effective Religious Institutions: Learning Through Congregational Quarantine in The Pandemic Year 2020

Scott D. Foster
Doing Beloved Community: Building Relationships in Public Squares

Audette Danielle Fulbright Fulson
ChangeCrafting: A Praxis of Deep Change Work

Junwoo Jang
Pursuing a Missional Church in a Mission Field: A Study of a Relational/Spiritual Church at Krabi in Thailand

Sungbong Jin
A Study of The Bible Tongdok during Feast of Tabernacles

Harold R. Jolley
Developing A Matthew 25 Church

Kyungchan Jun
Tong Story Sermon for Faith Growth: A Case Study of Okahandja Park Church, Namibia

Hyunjoon Kim
A Model of Teaching Ministry for Missional Church: A Case Study of Building the Gospel Project at Sekwang Church in Ilsan, Korea

Seongmoo Kim
An Empathic Ministry for 3040 Newly-Wed Couples : A Case Study of Healing Church, Seoul, Korea

Todd E. Leach
Action Needed: Incorporating Justice in the Mission of a White Moderate Church

Arturo Pierre Lewis
An Approach to Transitioning a Predominantly White Congregation to Embrace a Multiracial Multicultural Worship Experience

Pamela Masten
Defining and Developing a Congregational Care Plan in a Large Urban Church

Brandon McLauchlin
More Than Sunday Service: The Flow of an Incarnational Life

Sonya McMillan
The Impact of Societal Change on a Traditional Church

Brian Moll
The Only LGBTQuestions That Matter: A Study Guide for loving our LGBTQ neighbors well

Lydia Esther Munoz
Decolonizing and Decentering Whiteness in Christian Worship: Creating a Liberating Liturgical Practice in the Public Square

Elijah Mwitanti
The Holy Spirit Upon All Flesh: Acknowledging and Applying the Gifts of Women in the Church as a New Mission Paradigm in Zambia

Youngsuk Nam
Tong Sermon for Children at a Military Church : A Case Study of Sunday School in Korean Army Training Center Church

Daekyu Oh
Church Growth through Evangelism and Alpha Course : A Case Study of Kwangyoung Joongang Church

Daniel Park
Training and Empowering Laity for Divine Healing Prayer

Ryan D. Smith
Teaching Human Rights: A Curriculum for Religious Leaders

Kwangsoo Song
Bible Tongdok as a Curriculum of Teaching Ministry: A Case Study of the One Year Bible Tongdok at Korean Church of Atlanta UMC

Jennifer R. Stiles Williams
Theater and the Church: A Theatrical Theology of Discipleship, Public Theology and Social Resistance

Ronald J. Sullivan
The Biblical Urgency of Multiculturalism in the Black Church

Frances Snelling Teabout
Preparing for Battle: Equipping Pastors and Lay Leaders to Identify and Mediate the Symptoms of Urban Trauma, Specifically Suicide

Elaine Ellis Thomas
The Mile Square Cathedral: The Church as Community Healer

Marisa Tabizon Thompson
That We All May Be One: Toward a Deeper Understanding of Ethics in Ecumenism in The Episcopal Church

Amanda Todd
The Goose Talks, Public Theology, and God's Forgiving Love: Matthew 18:15-17 in Action

John H. Vaughn
Faith, Activism, and Sports: Black Athletes of Faith Engaged in United States Professional Team Sports

Angel L. Vélez Oyola
La Teología como propedéutica para el desarrollo de un modelo de Justicia Social Penitenciaria

William Edward Waller III
Organizing Local Churches for Social Justice

Mitchell John Wood
Love in the Age of Apocalypse: How to Spiritually Awaken and Transform Trauma for the Liberation of the World through the Power of Nonbinary Consciousness, Intersectionality, and the Fluidity of Identity

Anita R. Wright
The Quilt: Preaching, Teaching, and Testimony as Storytelling

Taekyoung You
Reorientation of the Church with EPIC for Evangelism Project: EPIC Open House Sunday of Miraero Church

Taekwang Yu
Designing a Healing Praise Worship: A Case Study of Healing Church, Seoul, Korea