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 The College of Liberal Arts : Bachelor of Arts : 2022

Celine Alhout
Revealing and Resisting Gender-Based Violence in Palestine

Morgan Alley
The Role of Social Media in the January 6th Insurrection

Amneh Alqudah
Double Trouble: The Intersectionality of Women of Color in American Politics

William Badrigian
The Value of Gold: Hedge, Haven, or Hell for the U.S. Economy?

Tessa Bagby
Presenting... The Angry Brigade: Structural-Ideological Implications of Theatre and Media Forms as Representational Modes

Shady Barsoom
The potential synergistic effects of DCP-LA and resveratrol in mitigating cytotoxicity in an oxidative stress model of Alzheimer's disease

Audrey Borba
Aesthetic Directors Creating Space for Complex Female Characters

Caroline Chovanes
"It's a terrorist organization" versus "A much needed movement": Exploring Predictors of Support and Opposition toward the Black Lives Matter Movement

Cassidy C. Conklin
Barriers and Promoters of Using Social Services: Applying demographic, practical, and psychological predictors through a partnership with a real-world service provider

Alexis Cutshall
The Intersection of Art and Science: The Methods Behind Forensic Facial Reconstruction

Marwa Elessawy
Containing the Contradictions of the Egyptian Uprising Through the New Administrative Capital: A Postcolonial Critique of the Egyptian Armed Forces' Transformation

Candace Foltiny
Disability Narratives: How Representation in American and French Literature and Media Affects Students with Disabilities

Amber A. Frikkee
Europe's Population Decline: Implications for its Global Power in the Decades to Come

Sophia George
Housing Vouchers, Homelessness and Stigma during the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Exploratory Study

Bryanna "Licorne / Unicorn" Gould
La langue française: comment la rendre inclusive à une diversité de genres? / The French Language: How do we make it inclusive to a diversity of genders?

Cole Grossmann
The Corporation Cycle of Environmental Injustice That Disrupts Equity

Melanie Haber
From Clickbait to Cruelty: An Analysis of Terrorist Recruitment via Social Media

Caio Hummel Hohl
Relationship Between Interoceptive Awareness, Mindfulness, and Somatization: Examining Competing Perspectives

Emily Jones
Cinematic Women as Warriors Against Capitalism

Dana Kit
Unraveling White Supremacist Discourse Within Right-Wing Populist Groups

Jacob KurtzFreilich
Development of Central Bank Digital Currencies in Emerging Markets and Developing Economies

Emma LiVigne
College Students on Campus with Chronic Illnesses: Resources and Recommendations for New Methods of Care at Drew University

Matthew Macaulay
"Alexandria was no Longer Troubled by Philosophers": The End of Greek Philosophy in Egypt and the Life of Hypatia of Alexandria

Helen Navas Carrera
Mediated Images of Latinxs: Histories, Agendas, and Repercussions

David Nesterov-Rappoport
The Evolution of Trust: Understanding Prosocial Behavior in Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Systems

Krystal Palmer
Multistakeholder Influence on Intellectual Property: Vaccine Equity and Access in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Genesis Perez
The Representation of Native Americans in Film: Focalization, Political Economy, and Anachronistic Space

Ianto Porter
Social Media Use and Impacts on Mental Health: An Examination and Close Look at Tumblr

Renata Primmer
An Employee-Based Perspective on Corporate Investments in Human Capital: The Value of Personalized and Supportive Employee Development Programs

Chara Proud
COVID-19 Health Beliefs and Perceptions Impact on Individual Response to Future Health Emergencies

Nicholas Masferrer Ramirez
The Limping Violinist: Why Thomson's Defense of Abortion Does Not Establish the Conclusion that Abortion is Morally Permissible

Gabriella Danielle Ramirez
The Land of Opportunity?: Title 42 As A Restrictive Immigration Tool In The United States

Stephen Rampolla
Divine Omniscience, Grace, and Free Will: A Defense of Catholic Molinism

Sidney Robert Soqui Resnik
Anatomy of a Mutiny: Reexamining the Conspiracy of Vindex with a Focus on the Role of Coinage

Alyssa Sileo
The Virtues of Virtual Dramaturgy: Collaboration, Engagement, Access

Julia Sinatra
A Gendered Analysis of the Evolution of Conflict Related Aid

Olivia Thompson
"My revenge has just begun! I have spread it over centuries": Gender, Sexuality, and Invasion Anxiety in 20th- and 21st-Century Adaptations of Dracula

Sierra Joy Williams
Stress Responses in Eastern Chipmunks (Tamias striatus) at Two Locations – Drew University and the Great Swamp Watershed Association's Conservation Management Area (GSWA-CMA)

Olivia Yepez
War and Conflict News Media Consumption Habits and Perceptions of University ROTC Cadets

Amiya Young
Analyzing the Role of Greek Women in Athenian Religious Festivals: Are the Conventional Roles of Women Reinforced or Offered an Alternative Reality?

Matheus Ishizuka da Silva
Neoliberalism and Processes of Development in Mato Grosso, Brazil