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 The College of Liberal Arts : Bachelor of Arts : 2024

Bram Carter
How to Choose a Theory: Empiricism from Verificationism to Pragmatism

Tyler Cochran-Branson
Crossing the Rainbow Bridge: Exploring the Intersections Between Anthroposophy and Contemporary Alt-Right Radicalization

Sage Lidzbarski-Lahti
White Male Apologists: How Online Fandom Treats Their Pet Narcissists

Olivia Martin
Woodstock and Altamont Were Not Counterculture: Capitalism Within the Music Industry

Hayden Mattson
A Case Study of 'The Wolverine': How film represents comorbid mental disorders in the character "Wolverine" through a fantastical lens, and the impact of this representation on men

Muhammad Mir
Modeling Water Optimization in Jordanian Agricultural Economy

Chekwubechi Okunowo
Sino-Africa Investment: Examining its Role as a Political Preservation Strategy for African Political Elites

JĂșlia Oliveira Souza
Disconnected Identities: (re)constructions of Brazilian National Identity in the Latin American context

Kris Perez
"Beheading" The Minotaur: How Anna Ziegler's Modern Myth Reframes Classical Storytelling for a Modern Audience: A Director's Perspective

Eleanor Poethke
Summer Camp and Cultural Memory: The intersection of memory and physical space at Cross Roads Camp and Retreat Center

Molly Reidmiller
Defending Dignity: An Exploration of the Menstrual Equity Movement in Prisons Through the Lens of the Missouri Case

Charlotte Reing
Parla come mangi: Food, Presentation, and the Break from Tradition in Italian Visual Culture

Casey Brookes Richardson
Professionals or Predators: Patterns of Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict

Grace Rinehart
Is AI "Taking Over" Our Responses to (Mis)Information? How Artificial Intelligence and Group Membership Shape Perceptions of Political Messaging

Melinna C. Sanchez
Protecting Preimplantation Genetic Testing Patients: A Social Support Perspective

Sarah Selim
'What's Yours is Ours': BookTok, the Romance Genre, and the Authorial Reader

Jamie Smith
"A taste for killing" versus "Abusive, traumatic childhoods": People's beliefs about the influence of nature and nurture in heinous, violent crimes

Edilson Dylan Torres
CONTRA ELLA: The Impact of the Dobb's Decision on Latina Reproductive Justice

Angelae Wunderle
Mathematical Movements: Bringing Dance into the Classroom

Nia Zeikidze
Advocating for Sustainability in Fast Fashion: Efforts by Nonprofit Organizations

Katja Zengel
Gender and Nationalism: Women's Roles in Twentieth-Century Spain