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 The College of Liberal Arts : Bachelor of Arts : 2020

Alyson Axman
The Opioid Crisis in the United States: An Exploratory Data Analysis of the Driving Factors

Bongiwe Bongwe
Redefining Corruption

Lisa Cappiello
What is the Relationship between Pay Dispersion and Team Productivity in the National Basketball Association?

Vincent Peter Costa
"Here We Have a Special Way of Waging War" British Military Adaptions to War in North America, 1775-1783

Stefanie DeFronzo
Worms on the Brain: The Role of Autism-Related Genes nlg-1 and nrx-1 in Thermotactic and Chemotactic Behavior of C. elegans

Kassel Franco Garibay
Falling Through the Cracks: Invisibility and Rural Women in Ecuador's Comunas

Ludovica Gioacchini
Italy, A Promised Land of Populism: An Analysis of the Five Star Movement and Its Strategic Ascent to Power

Ava Gustafson
A Constant Effort: An Exploration of Feminist Disability Theory and Feminist Ethnography in Producing Just Ethnography in Special Education

Lena Hadler
What are the Effects of Turnover on Team Performance?

Kelly Hartwick
Analyzing Christianity and Social Justice Through Christian Social Movements

Maïmouna Kanté
Flowering Phenology: Lemurs, People, & Climate Change

Virginia Leach
Exclusion of the Included: Racialized Microaggressions at Predominantly White Universities

Tess Liddy
A Country Changed: The Dramatic Shift of Irish Social Values

Maria Jose Navas Espinal
ÚRSULA: Portraying Contemporary Women Across Cultures through Photographic Portraiture

Michelle M. Nestor
U.S. Presidential Nominations: Outsiders in the 2016 Election

Fabrice Nozier
Challenging the "Revolution": An Analysis of Black Panther

Makayla Pardo
Identification and characterization of small molecules that reactivate mutant p53 in human cancer cells

John Rinald
Molecular Mechanism of DCP-LA in an Oxidative Stress Model of Alzheimer's Disease

Adam Sandonato
The Role of Elite Consensus in the Post-War Foreign Policy of the United States and West Germany

Mason Scher
Carbon Isotope Discrimination in Ginkgo: Testing A Paleo-CO2 Proxy

Lydia Segal
Using the Grotesque and Nostalgia to Explore Imbalanced Human-Animal Relationships

Méa Rose St. Amour
Expression Through Depiction: An Analysis of Aesthetic vs. Contextual Qualities

Madeleine E. Taylor
The Use of Civic Reason: Religious Freedom, Secular Government, and the Duty of the Elected Official

Melissa Viana
France as a Target for Terror: A Study of Lone Wolf Terrorism in the 21st Century

Malavika Vishwanath
The Effects of Social Comparison in Athletes: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Body Image and Motivation among Indian and American Competitive Swimmers

Eva Wagenknechtová
The Firehose of Falsehood: How Does Power and Group Membership Impact Perceived Legitimacy

Anna Walker
Birth Mothers in Adoption Reunion Stories: The Complicated Status of Women Who Place Their Children for Adoption