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 The College of Liberal Arts : Bachelor of Arts : 2019

Zarina Akbary
Ketoreductase Activity of 45-million-year-old Yeast Strains Revived from Amber

Sofia Amorim
Whose American Dream?: Identity and Citizenship in Latinx Literature

Ansel Bloom
Tattoos in a Modern Context: Unique or Ubiquitous? A Mixed-Methods Study to Provide Some Answers

Ryann Callaghan
Production of Kibdelomycin by Kibdelosporangium sp. and Discovery of Potential Structural Analogues

Kyra Jean Cipolla
Investigating the relationship between coral species diversity, most abundant coral growth form, and live coral cover with habitat structural complexity in the Caribbean

Sarah Costa
Reactivity of Os2(CO)6(RCONH)2: mechanisms and thermodynamic properties

Dorian Crimmins
Celestial Bodies: Three Themes on Chinese Folk Stories

Eric DiPietro
Batting Average of a Business Degree: Evidence from a Matching Study of Liberal Arts Business Major Alumni

Kelly Duddy
The Ideological Flexibility of Nazi Propaganda: A Case Study of The Nazi Primer

Priya Dutt
The Roles of Mediated and Direct Intergroup Contact in Shaping Attitudes Toward Immigrants

Josephine Emanuelli
Thinking Outside the Box: Using Alternative Food Networks to Alleviate Food Insecurity in New York City

Karan Erry
Resolving Abbreviations and Domain Terms in Source Code using Documentation

Tanner J. Euston
Investigating the role of granulocyte colony stimulating factor as a regulator of the striatal proteome

Rebecca Filetti-Andujo
Wounded Delicacy: Female-bodied sexual performance as a mode of resistance to objectification.

Michael Galioto
Meaning-Makers: Protestant-American Nationalism during the Civil War

Alexandra Greulich
Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis: Potential Odor Responsivity and Cannabidiol Modulation

Laila Hanandeh
"It's Not a Bag. It's a Birkin!" Can the Demand for Hermès Birkin Bags be Explained Through a Neoclassical Framework?

Mohammed Sayed Hassan
Toward automatic summarization of arbitrary java statements for novice programmers

Brian Heist
Effect of Ca2+ ions on the hydrolysis of phenyl esters and anilides, p-nitrophenyl acetate and p-nitroacetanilide

Julien Hryshko
Central Bank Liquidity Swaps of the Financial Crisis: An Analysis of Long-Term Financial Instability

Uma Kantheti
The Interferon Response to Exogenous DNA and DNA Damage is Dependent on DNA-PK along with cGAS/STING Pathway

Ruth Kim
South Korean Anti-Corruption Efforts: A Study of the Chaebol-Government Relationship

Inji Kim
Art Experience in the Digital Age: Augmented Reality as a Medium

Alexandra Koeck
Identity, Political Ecology, and Human Security: A Study of Climate-Induced Intra-Ethnic Conflict among the Fulani in the Sahel Region of Nigeria

Nicolina Lentine
Colony Collapse Disorder: An Exploration of Bee Population Decline and Ways to Prevent Future Losses

Jake Levine
L'esprit de résistance: Legality in Albert Camus's Philosophy of the Absurd

Shaylyn MacKinnon
The Language of Peace?: Understanding the Impact of Peace Corps English Language Education on Developing Economies

Kyle J Majid
Benefits of the Reintroduction of the Eastern Oyster (Crassostrea virginica) in New York State

Meghan McDermott
Evaluating Vitamin D Supplementation Compliance and Socioeconomic Status in a Pediatric Fracture Population: Clinical Evaluation of Bone Mineral Density

Shayna Miller
Paintings as Talismanic Vessels: An Investigation into Ritual through a Studio Practice

Jaclyn Moldawsky
Frédéric Chopin's Life and Work: The Scholarly Debate and the Limitations of Nineteenth-Century Nationalism

João Pedro Martins Pinheiro
On the Sociological Dynamics of Scandal and Their Consequences: The Case of Zara Brasil, 2011

Hannah Ponturo

Sanchit Sahni
Future of Cryptocurrency: An empirical analysis of Bitcoin as a mode of transaction and investment.

Caitlin Bonita Shannon
Reconstrucciones de identidad: El arte callejero en San Juan, Puerto Rico

Brianna Maria Siciliano
Are plus-size bodies represented in body positive ways?: An exploration of the complex relationship between demanding visibility and empowering audiences

Olivia Sznaza
Out With A Bang: Exposing the Relationship between Gun Violence and the Strength of Gun Laws in the United States

Arline Tarazona
Divalent Calcium Cation-Catalyzed Hydrolysis of Phosphodiester Bonds in Cyclic Dinucleotide Molecules

David Van Dongen
Circulating Tumor Cell Isolation using Immuno-Microbubbles

Brooke Winters
It Don't GTMO Worse Than This: An Interpretive Examination of Language, Decision-making, and Jurisprudence of Due Process Rights at Guantanamo Bay

Olivia Winters
La Vie Que J'avais Prévue: The Complicated Relationship between Documentary Theatre and Hate Crimes, Praxis and Analysis