Drew University Library : University Archives : Theses and Dissertations
 The Theological School : Doctor of Philosophy : 2019

Elyse Ambrose
Integrative Communality as Liberative Praxis of Christian Sexual Ethics: A Black Queer Ethic

Amy J. Chase
Making Space for Strong Women: A Socio-Narratological Reading of Proverbs 31

Suzanne Wenonah Duchesne
Beloved Speech: Language and Legacies of Methodist Women Leaders of the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference with Antiracist/Decolonizing Strategies for Preaching

Elizabeth M. Freese
Rite Relations: Toward the Righting of a Misrecognized Moral Order of Re/Production in Hegemonic American Ritual and Myth

Midori E. Hartman
Citizenship and Enslaveability in Late Antiquity: Augustine's Letter 10*

In Hwan Kim
An Understanding of the Soteriology in the Korean Protestant Churches in Relation to Faith and Works

KwangYu Lee
A Jungian Psychohistorical Analysis of the Growth of the Korean Protestant Church: Trauma and Cultural Complex

Peter N. McLellan
Return of the Living Dead: The Gospel of Mark and Other Haunted Places

Erica Bryand Ramirez
Rise of the Lamb's Queen: Revisiting Azusa Street Mission with Pierre Bourdieu, Mikhail Bakhtin, and Julia Kristeva

Wangeun Serl
A Consciousness Study Comparing Robert Corrington, Yu Young-Mo, and Henry Stapp

Michael Thomas Sniffen
Building and Rebuilding a Protestant American Cathedral: Gothic Power, Privilege, Performance, and Imagination at the Cathedral of the Incarnation, Long Island

Stephen J. Wolma
A Gospel for Yuppie New Yorkers? The Whiteness In Tim Keller's Evangelical Message At Redeemer Presbyterian Church