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 The Theological School : Doctor of Ministry : 2017

Dave Kelvin Allen
Who Are My Congregants? Identifying Strategies for Church Growth on Our Community

Josias Andujar
Lessons from a Church Merger

Holale C. Azondjagni
From the Pew to Mission Field: Raising Missionary Support

Vivian Balasu-Addo
Asset-Based Community Development: Mobilization of the Peki Dzake Community in Ghana for School Renovation

Carla Calizaire
Evangelism and the Margins: Living Jesus' Transformational Narrative of Love and Outreach

Mattie Ard Carmon
Equipping the Saints for Ministry: Following A Spiritual Formation Process

Wilbur Golden Carmon Sr.
Strengthening Spiritual Formation in Mt. Zion AME Church of Plainfield, New Jersey to Include Community Missional Goals and Readiness

Andre Gene Carr Jr.
Create a Contemporary Service in Order to Form a Postmodern Hermenutic for Worship in the Middle District Baptist Association

Melvin Andrew Davis
The Millennial Generation: building a legacy in the African American rural faith community through connectional relationship

Craig Buster Gaddy Sr.
Revitalizing the mens ministry at Friendship Baptist Church establishing a new identity of Christian manhood

Clinton Craig Hoggard
Can Preaching Bring Lapsed Members Back While Inviting New Members

Kimberly Karlette Holmes
Acting Out Our Justice Prayers

Herbert LaVal Jenkins
The Elephant in the Room: Analyzing and Restructuring Congregational and Clergy Anger

Joseph Jung
A Study of John Wesley's Social Sanctification based on Christian Worldview: A Curriculum "Spirituality in Daily Lives" Development for Discipleship Training

Kiwan Kim
A Study on Biblical Relationship Prayer for Church Renewal: A Case of Hwikyung Church in Seoul, Korea

James Jeounghun Koo
Congregational Revitalization Through Small Group Ministry at Cokesbury United Methodist Church

David Murphy
Rediscovering Our Spiritual DNA

Nichelle LaNae Nelson
Social Justice And The Church And Senior Pastor's Role in Providing Ministry to Meet Community Need

Craig Pender
Developing A Community of Care Bereavement Ministry

Tammy Peoples
Transforming Congregations to Engage Community From the Inside Out

Yangsup Shim
A Study of the Lord's Supper as a Solution to the [schisma] Situation in the Church Community: With a Focus on the Case of the Heavenly Community Church of the Korean Methodist Church, Gangneung, Korea

Heeyeoun Son
Equipping Pre-Retirement Korean-Americal Christian Nurses for Post-Retirement Service as Senior Medical Missionaries

Jeehoon Song
A Study of Worship School as a Context of Adult Faith Education: A Case of Young Adult Ministry of Eunsung Church in Namyangju, Korea

Alpher Kirton Sylvester
Developing a Community Experience to Include an Alternative Worship Service to Reconnect and Retain Millennials' Participation Within Grace United Methodist Church, St. Albans, New York

Jessica Taylor
Developing a Testimony Training Program for Women that will Provide Instruction for Participants to Give Biblical and Effective Testimony at St. Luke Baptist Church in Harlem, NY

Robert A. Thompson
The Hunger and Thirst for Justice: Barbershop Ministry Initiative - Shaping Heads for the Future

Tevita Fotoifli Vaikona
Restoring Interest and Participation of Young Adult Tongans in the First United Methodist Church of San Bruno, California

Daewon Youn
A Study on Alienation in a Local Church: A Case of Andong Church in Andong, Korea