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 The Theological School : Doctor of Ministry : 2016

David Ahn
How the "Ae Deul" Second Generation Korean Americans Can Become Responsible Christian Adults

Christopher Carl Aiken
Chaplains' Support of Staff

George Akins, Jr.
Practices in Faith Formation and Discipleship Towards the Next Generation Church at Refuge Temple Church of God in Christ, Englewood, New Jersey

Nora Elizabeth Colmenares
From Sameness to Multicultural: Lessons from the Journey

Robert S. Feinberg
Leaving Home and Moving In: A New Chapter in a Congregation's Life

Donggu Kang
The Utilization of "Tong Bible Guide" for Small Group Bible Reading: A Case Study of the Methodist Church with Vision, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea

Koungtae Kang
A Study on Bible Tongdok in the Comprehension of Sermon: A Case Study of Moohak Church, Seoul, Korea.

Gwangjung Kim
The Benefits of Tong Bible Quiet Time in Congregational Development: A Case Study of Tong Church, Gwangju Metropolitan City, Korea

Hansung Kim
A Study on the Bible Listening through the "Tong Bible" Method: With Focus on 48 Hours Chronological Order of the Bible Listening and Listening to the Bible 10 Times in One Year.

Munyeoun Kim
A Study on the Influence of Biblical Faith in Church Building Construction: A Case Study of Dukjang Church, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Seungmo Ko
The Impact of "Narraphor Preaching" with the "Tong Bible Formula" on the Congregational Development: A Case Study of Haman Jungang Methodist Church

Kyeoung Soo Lee
The Reformation of the Household Church Worship: Finding Effective Ways of Leaving Spiritial Legacies to the Next Generation

Jinsuck Lee
A Study on the Influence of Tong Bible Reading in the Mobilization of Vocational Mission: A Case Study of Kyeong-Nam Provincial Police Agency Christian Association

Byungjae Moon
A Study of the Influence of Tong/Narraphor Preaching on Congregational Development: A Case Study of Hana Church

Steven Neal
Experiencing and Expressing Shalom as Spiritual Formation

Kelley Eileen O'Connor
Surviving the Storm:Church Online 24/7

Geritza Olivella
Ways to create a process to develop a denominational profile of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Puerto Rico

Carol Lynn Patterson
Gathered for Worship and Word: Scattered to Witness to the World

Theresa H. Smith
Equipping Leadership for Servanthood Discipleship

Gregory Kyle Stanislaus
Finding the Formula for Connecting the Church in the Lives of Teenagers/Young Adults

Monty Witherspoon-Brown
Soul Food Theology: The Proclamation of Health and Wellness

Kwangseog Yun
A Study on Faith Growth through One Year Reading of Tong Bible: A Case Study of Eoyang Church, Jeollabuk-do, Korea