Drew University Library : University Archives : Theses and Dissertations
 The Theological School : Doctor of Ministry : 2015

Steven D. Allen
Ministry-Leadership: Toward Improved Leadership Effectiveness

Erin Ryan Avery
Pilgrimage and Perambulation:The Sacred Journey To Centerness Within the College Labyrinth

Jefferson W. Bannister
Exploring Narratives in Supernatural Healing at Grace Church of God, Brooklyn, NY

Jean Blackie
Telling Our Stories: People in a Rural Community Uncovering Spiritual Strengths

Jeffrey Russell Crawford
A Trinity of Love: The Formation of Christian Community in Worship

Gregory J. Dover
Every Member a Minister?: (Re)Claiming the Priesthood of All Believers

Amy Fetterman
From Stories to Sisterhood: An Intergenerational Community of Women

Gloria Faye Fields
Assist the Widowed Women of Maple Hill African Methodist Episcopal Church Discover Their Gifts and Talents for Active Ministry

Jeremy Bartley Francis
Becoming Christ's Letter: Preaching Life's Experiences at Estridge Moravian Church, St. Kitts

Alfred Frank
Stories of Faith: Evangelization Through Narrative

Monis George
Examining the Impact of Integrated Christian Activities for Improving Inter-Generational Relationships in Indian Pentecostal Churches

Patrick Bowman Gordy-Stith
A Little Child Shall Lead Them Back to Communion and Community

Thomas E. Hancock
Using Family Systems Theory to Equip Leaders and Improve Congregational Health at Harrison United Methodist Church

Marella Holmes
Psalm Styles:Using Selected Psalms in a Lenten Bible Study as an Introduction to Reading as a Spiritual Discipline for Elementary Students at the Shiloh Baptist Church in Trenton, New Jersey

Alexander Graham Houston
How to Effectively Engage in Ministry With the Millennial Generation

Paul Bruce Hutchison
Constantly Becoming

Gloria Elaine Jimpson
Perspectives From a Theological Workshop Using Arts and Humanities: Interventional Aids to Assist Older Christians with Death Anxiety

Byron W. Kaiser
Spiritlunking Biblical Caves: Probing the Depths of Context For Narraphors That Support Transformation and the Practice of Doing Small Things With Great Love

Zayzay Gwepougee Kpadeh
Establishing A Biblically And Theologically Based Social Justice Ministry To Address The Issues Of Liberian Immigration And Acculturation In The United States

Valerie Denise Lewis-Mosley
Sankofa, Aggiornamento and Jubilee: Recalling Yesterday, Envisioning Today and Imagining Tomorrow: Black Catholic Lay Women Evangelizing the Church

Joyce Renee McDonald
Engaging Young Adults:Re-Igniting a Passion and Curiosity About God

Donald Medley
Deep & Wide: The Effective Use of Semiotics, Imagery, Technology and Social Media in Preaching

Roderick Merritt
Preaching to the Tattoos and the Tambourines

Willie Lee Moody
Chosen Generation Community Church: Exploring Indispensible Factors In Living An Effective Christian Life

Larry Oksten
C.L.O.W.N. Squad - Learning to Creatively Love Our Wonderful Neighbors

Simon Kehinde Osunlana
Investigating the Effects of Cultural Inclusivity on St. John United Methodist Church Through the Use of a Created Bible Study Series

Langdon Palmer
Re-Encountering the Apostles' Creed in an Emerging Church Context

Young Gwan Gwan Park
For the Spiritual Journey of the Korean Immigrant Church: From the Christian Spirituality of Chaoskampf Through the Hopeful Practice of Liberation, To the Peaceful Fellowship of Sabbath Rest-Shim

Patrick M. Quinn
Discovering the "We" in the "Me" of Social Media: Preaching Utilizing a Social Media Ministry Team

Darlene Edna Ruidisch Resling
"Come and See," Experiencing Different Missional Styles: A Pilot Program in Shared Ministry Appointments

Zavette D Smallwood
Equipping 22nd Century Leaders: Developing Fishers of Humanity With Strong Effective Knots in Their Nets

Alydia Rae Francine Smith
Keeping The Fire Burning (Without Getting Burnt); Helping Worship Leaders Maintain Their Passion For Ministry Through Resiliency Training

Jennifer Weddle Smith
Thriving in Ministry: Investigating the Impact of Participation in Wholistic Clergy Wellness Incubator Groups on Clergy Self-Evaluation of Wellness

Pamela J. Stanley
New Member Assimilation: Closing The Back Door Through Systemic Membership Management

Arden Charles Strasser
Ritual and Congregational Healing

Ivelisse Valentin
It's All About Language: Towards and Intercultural Youth Ministry

Kenneth Yelverton
iBelong: Using Sermon-Based Small Groups As A Catalyst For Building Healthy Relationships That Promote Community and Member Retention

Bronwyn E. Yocum
A Calling Confirmed: Exploring the Spiritual Impact of Ordination in the United Methodist Church