Drew University Library : University Archives : Theses and Dissertations
 The Caspersen School of Graduate Studies : Doctor of Letters : 2017

Heather Lynn Althoff
Caregiving with Cather: Aging, Illness, Diminishment, and Dying in Modern America

Carol Lynn Biederstadt
Paradoxical Orientalism: Gender and Power in George Orwell's Burmese Days

Sean Patrick Dineen
An Analysis of Four Counterinsurgencies with Attention to the Inclusion of People with Disabilities and the Arts

Joseph G. Farias
Dare to Pray, Dare to Be Church: The Impact of Liturgy on Ecclesiology Since Vatican II

Salena Fehnel
Lovely but Deadly: Women as Killers in 20th Century Fiction and Film

Jared Fowler
An All-Right Town

John Stephen Hier
Battle and Balance between the Masculine and the Feminine: A Psychoanalytic Approach to the Young Adult Fiction of America's Nineteenth Century

Lacey P. Hunter
Made in His Image: The Origins of African American Women's Jeremiad

Jane Jameson
Tracing the Archetypes of the Legend of Saint George through the Epochs

Pamela Klurfield
Cracking Open the Sky: How the Modernism of New York City Skyscrapers Paved the Way for a New American Modern Art

David Laurence McMillan
The Impact of Containerization on the New York City Region

Peter Joseph Moccia
"Nobody Owing Nobody Nothing": Reading Flannery O'Connor Anew Through the Ethics of Emmanuel Levinas

Rafael Rosa
Abraham Lincoln and Women: A Psychohistorical Analysis

Alice Marguerite Terrell
Themes of Blackness: Commonality and Unity in Selected African Heritage Literature

Lisa J Todd
The Impact of Regional Archival Development on Guyana's National Archives and its State Institutions

William Joseph Tooma
The Black Eagle of Harlem

Joseph F. Trad
The Immigrant Writer

Michael K. Walters
On Quests for Independence: Evolutions of Haiti, Ireland, and Colonialism

Lindsay M. Warren
The Kazet Theatre: A Bridge from Death to Life

Jenelle Woodrup
Adolescent Literature and the Human Condition: The Protagonist's Journey of Growth and Self-Discovery