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 The College of Liberal Arts : Bachelor of Arts : 2021

Maxxe Albert-Deitch
Controlling the Narrative: How National Mythology and Archaeology Shaped Identity in Modern-Day Israel

Aisha Arain
The Politics of Linguistic Power Structures in South-Asia: An Analysis of Language Identity and Nationalism in Pakistan

Brett Cheadle
Analyzing Community-based and Centralized Approaches to Natural Disaster Management: A Comparative Case Study Analysis in Southeast Asia

Grace Crozier
The Effects of Physical Activity on Cognitive Development in Adolescents

William DeJianne
Demoralization: Do Perceptions of Low Harm Reduce Moral Conviction?

Lauren DeLillo
Le lettere di Fortunata Mauro: esempio di scrittura epistolare come processo di identità e assimilazione culturale degli immigrati italiani negli Stati Uniti di inizio Novecento

Stephen Dechert
The Practicalities of Literary Studies: Depictions of Ordinary Life in Ulysses

Kara Dobias
Rectifying a Historical Wrong: A Critical Examination of the Economic and Racial Politics of American Opera

Madison Dudziec
Consociationalism and Ethno-Sectarian Conflict: Iraq's Political Fragmentation and Flawed Federalism

Janna Fadler
Representation of the Environment on Social Media Through Australian and Amazon Forest Fires

Erin Feith
Nursing the Hangover: The Response of the Methodist Church to the Repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment (1934-1950)

Sarah Gass
The Promulgation of the Alt-Right in American Politics: Nativism in Contemporary Political Discourse

Emily Graves
Life and Death During Industrial Philadelphia: Skeletal Health and Pathological Conditions of the 1800s

Brynne M. Growney
Masking Up: The Impact of Political Ideology, Empathy, and Conformity on People's Choice to Wear a Mask in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Julia Kenner
"Boys Masturbate, Girls Menstruate:" Reframing and Reforming Sex Education in the United States

Kelly Maegerlein
Investigating the Effects of RD100, a Potential Group III mGluR Positive Modulator, in a Primary Rat Cortical FAB/NMDA Model of Alzheimer's Disease

Annalisa Manabat
Bad Girls, Bold Wives, Bloody Mothers: Monstrous Women in Film Through the Lens of Women's Liberation 1960-1981

Elsa Nygard
Coeducation at Brother's College, 1942-1950

Peace Oyekola
Elite Bargaining: The Glue That Holds Nigeria's Democracy Together

Brianna Perrone
International Intellectual Property Rights and the Pharmaceutical Industry: A Comparison of Former French Colonies

Caroline Polich
World on Fire: Painting Landscapes Altered by Climate Change

Maria Reidy
Collective Identity and a Warming Planet: Exploring the Motivations Behind Climate Change Activism

Rebecca Schuman
The Case for Linking Causes: Why Animal Rights Are an Environmental Issue

Brianna L. Scotti
Social Distancing: Dividing Life into a Fractured Experience of the Physical and Digital Space to Transform the Human from a User to a Raw Material

Anna Smith
Yes We Can! Or Can We? : Medicaid Expansion Post-ACA and its Impact on Health Outcomes in all 50 States

Lisa Stites
California's Wildfire Problem: The Neglected Role of Class and Housing

Ryan S. Strauss
The Anglo-American Special Relationship: Antiquity or Destiny?

Benjamin Strickland
In Silico Discovery of FtsZ Inhibitors for the Treatment of Multidrug-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Theresa Vaillancourt
Scottish Independence in a Post-Brexit World: A Legal Analysis on the Scottish Right to Hold an Independence Referendum