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 The College of Liberal Arts : Bachelor of Arts : 2016

David Aguilar Villagomez
Macho Dilemmas: Machismo & Masculine Identities Within the Latino Diaspora (3 studies 2015-2016)

Luis Alberto Baca
Managing Risk: The Portfolio Benefits to International Diversification

Hilda Gissela Bonilla
The Handling of Unaccompanied Minors Entering the United States from Mexico and the Northern Triangle Region

Gabriella Bottalico
Identifying Objects Through Touch

Adam Marques Campos
Do Car Reviews Matter?: An Econometric Analysis on the Influence of Car Reviews on Car Sales in the U.S. Auto Market

Michael Anthony Collina
The Construction of Masculinity in Post-9/11 Literary Narratives

Delmis E Hernandez
Synthesis of Organic Compounds to Model Biological Systems

Kayla Elizabeth Johnson
Disability Art: 'Cripping' the Canon

Clara Keane
A Lost Generation in Central America: A Public Health Perspective

Theresa Marie Kucinski
The Heterogeneous Reaction of Isoprene and Kaolinite

Madeline R Lederer
A Mechanistic and Kinetic Comparison of the Reactivity of Volatile Organic Compounds on Mineral Dusts

Grace Christine Leneghan
Slip Like Shadows: An Exploration Through Physical Theatre of Oppressed Sexuality and Desire in the Women of Tennessee Williams

Dani Leviss
The Ozonolysis of α-Terpineol in an Aqueous Environment: A Model for Atmospheric Cloud Chemistry

Cynthia Nichole Montalvo
Renewable Energy Development in Germany and the United States

Shira Mindy Newman
What about Bambi? An Examination of the Evidential Problem of Evil

Wyatt C Olney
Automatic Summarization of Source Code for Novice Programmers

Alyssa Beth Petersen
A Comparison of Pollution Prevention (P2) Programs across the U.S.

Allison Nicole Rastelli
The Dragon in the Sea: A Case Study of Chinese Foreign Policy in the South China Sea

Shannon Elizabeth Rennie
Do Tweets Matter? Assessing the Value of Social Media Marketing

Stephanie Carolina Sanchez
Evaluation of Human Liver Metabolism of Compounds that Reactivate Mutant p53 in Human Cancer Cells

Robert Edward Sommerhalter
New Synthetic Approaches to Triosmium Decacarbonyl Bisethoxide and the Systematic Design of Linked Triosmium Clusters via Bridging Diols

Felicia Robyn Sparozic
The Black Death: Exploring the Possible Link of the Great Famine and Yersinia pestis through a Bioarchaeological Examination