Drew University Library : University Archives : Theses and Dissertations
 The Theological School : Doctor of Philosophy : 2022

Desmond Coleman
Alchemy and Blackness

Walter Luke Grote
The Self That Therefore I Am Not: Jacques Lacan, Zen Buddhism, and the Practice of Subjectivity

Dong Sung Kim
Deuteronomistic Unhistory: Politics of Time, Affect, and Nationhood in Judges' Narrative World

HyunHui Kim
Relational Realism and Theopolitics: A Post-Oppositional Theology of Social Identities

Seong Hyun Lee
The Power of Mature Communal Empathy: Responding to Sexual Violence in Faith Communities

Rory D McEntee
The Liminality of Democracy: Towards a Beloved Community of Religious Diversity

Lauren D. Sawyer
I Stumbled/I Caused You to Stumble: White Girls and Queer Youth as Sexual Agents in Contemporary Evangelical Purity Culture

Eric A. Thomas
Queer of Color Biblical Criticism: Race, Sexuality, and the New Testament

Brian James Tipton
The Markan Bestiary: Ecology, Animality, and the Second Gospel