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 The Caspersen School of Graduate Studies : Doctor of Letters : 2024

Cynthia A DiTaranto
Who Will Be Queen?

Andrew Forrest
Meanwhile the World Goes On: Provincetown's Place in an Age of Trauma

Fredrica Bearg Glucksman
Place as a Participant in Mid-Twentieth Century American Literary Nonfiction

Janene Howard-Rodriguez
NCLB and New Jersey: A Case Study on How New Jersey Implemented NCLB Mandates to Close the Achievement Gap Black and White Students

David Hunscher
Mythic Mentoring: The Structure and Dynamics of Mentoring in the Odyssey

Leah Jerome
The Civilian Conservation Corps from the Meadowlands to Bear Mountain: An Evaluation of Race, Gender, and Labor in the New Deal’s Effort to Employ America and Plant Trees

Rodger Thomas Kraft
You Are Where You Sit Lessons In Compromise

Bonnie J. McCorkindale
Recovering with a Mindful Spirit: Integrating Mindfulness and the Twelve Steps

Donna Thompson Ray
Talkin' to Books: Photographing Black Education During Reconstruction and Its Aftermath

Frank Sedita III
Hope and Healing in the Gutter: The Graphic Narrative as a Source of Agency, Identity, Voice, and Social Justice for the LGBTQIA+ Community in Fascist and Contemporary Italy

Stefanie Rose Shapiro
Finding Home: A Personal Quest for Self, Belonging, and Body Acceptance

Suzanne Venezia Vrancken
Company Town Girl: An Ethnological Examination and Creative Exploration of Coal Town Culture in Southern West Virginia, 1937-1952

Richard A Wasserman
New Jersey in "The War to End All Wars": New Jersey’s Role in World War I and its Memorialization at the Local Level

Kate Zemetis Zimmerbaum
In Extremis: An Aesthetics of Excess in Fiction of the Troubles in Northern Ireland