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 The College of Liberal Arts : Bachelor of Arts : 2018

Hayat Abdelal
The Qur'an on Jefferson's Shelf: An Analysis of Thomas Jefferson's Engagement with Islam and Its Influence on America's Religious Framework

Julie Mary Alex
Ca2+ Catalyzed Adenosine 3', 5'-Cyclic Monophosphate Hydrolysis: Insights into the Role of Metals in Phosphodiesterase Active Sites

Haviland Marie Atha-Simonton
Plays about New York City's Gentrification: The Gentrifier, The Gentrified, and the Tension in-Between

Jennifer Victorine Benedict
Automatic Munsell Color Detection in Mobile Applications

Olivia N Blondheim
In situ observations of pyrosomes in the northern California Current during an anomalous bloom year

Crystal M. Caragine
Emancipative Values and Democracy: Is a Desire for Freedom a Cause or an Effect of Democracy?

Michael Steven Clancy
A Mathematical Development of Quantum Mechanics

Zoe Laura CoatesFuentes
Heterogeneous Uptake of O3 and SO2 on Kaolinite as a Function of Atmospheric Processing

Keith Costello
The U.S., India, and the Colonial Question: America's Missed Opportunity

Tyler J. Dorrity
Cytokine Responses Generated by cGAMP and other CDNs Depend on Delivery Method

Emily Margaret Dzioba
Devising Form and Content: The Dramaturg as Performance Curator

Joanne Fekete
A Short Story Series in Fiction: Traversing Boundaries

Nathaniel Howard
Saracens and the Sea: Reactions to Contact and Conflict between Muslims and Christians in the Early Medieval Mediterranean

Nicole J Kinney
Marketing Towards the Hispanic American Population: The Microtargeting of Hispanic Subgroups in Advertisements

Kyla Nicole Moutenot
Mapping Odor Representation in the Olfactory Tubercle and Superficial Amygdaloid Nuclei

Marta Muncharaz Duran
The causes and future financial consequences for the City of London after Brexit

Leah Jessica Nadel
Quantifying Compliance to Vitamin D Supplementation: Preference for the Salient and Compliance Incentives to Prevent Osteoporosis in a Pediatric Fracture Population

Ian W Nadler
A Technical Analysis of Polyphonic Vocal Styles

Alexander G. Pearce
Parental Perceptions of Mental Health Treatment Options for Childhood Anxiety Disorder

Saad Nasr Shammoot
I Can't Get No, Satisfaction: A Critical Application of Job Satisfaction

Jennifer Nicole Stein
Do Adults Make Babyface Overgeneralizations When Perceiving Adults Who Have Down Syndrome?

Pearl A Sutter
Effects of DCP-LA on Learning and Memory in an IN VIVO Alzheimer's Disease Model with Ovariectomized Rats

Jared Ryan Sutton
A Labor of Love: The Impact of Union Strength on Democratic Consolidation in Post-Arab Spring Egypt and Tunisia

Blaine Morgan Taylor
Is There an Association Between Partisan Control of State Legislatures and State General Obligation Bond Ratings?

Dalton Alexander Valette
"The Dangerous Faggot" or A Gay Man with Different Opinions

Marybeth Wynen
Behavioral changes in a chronically administered Propionic Acid rat model of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Alexa Mei Young
Mom's the Word: Constructions of Single Motherhood in 1970s and 1980s Popular Fiction