Drew University Library : Electronic Theses and Dissertations
 The Theological School : Doctor of Philosophy : 2014

Youn Tae An
The Groundless Middle: Reconstructing the Self in the Colonial Abyss

Kristeen Lee Black
Mormon Kinship: The Symbolic System of Family Within Mormon Religious Communities

Jung Eun Jang
A Self-Psychological Approach to the 1907 Revival Movement in Korea

Amy Beth Jones
The Stranger Within: Narrative Space and Identity Construction in the Book of Judges

Beatrice Eleanor Marovich
Dream of the Creature: Religion, Ethics and Interspecies Kinship

Cecil Berit Marshall
The Inner and Outer Journey: Contemporary Swedish Pilgrimage

Peter Anthony Mena
Borderlands/La Frontera of the Late Ancient Egyptian Desert: Space, Identity, and the Ascetic Imagination

Vivian Rhoades
Religious Identity: A Micro-Level Sociological Study of Faith, Religion, and Spirituality in the Lives of Women in a Domestic Violence Shelter

Matt Westbrook
The International Christian Embassy, Jerusalem and Renewalist Zionism: Emerging Jewish-Christian Ethnonationalism