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 The Theological School : Doctor of Ministry : 2014

Carl A Bannister
Managing conflict in the life of a congregation at a Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Angela Michele Battle
Empowering the Single Women of Mount Zzio African Methodist Episcopal Church Ages 25 to 50 to Identify Their Spiritual Gifts for Use in the Congregation

Calvin Arthur Birch
A Roadmap for Growing and Developing the Immigrant Church: A Case Study of the African Christian Community Church of Richmond, Virginia

Deborah Kathleen Blanks
Keeping Holy Time: Embracing Sabbath as a Life Practice at Princeton University

Debra Moorman Bradshaw
Sweet Spirit - Gone But Not Gone: Moving From Grief to Healing Before, During and After the Death of a Loved One

James Phillip Campbell
The Apple Didn't Fall Far From the Tree - Meeting the Woman Who Formed the Lord

David Wallace Collins
We've Been Through Hell; Now What? Congregational Conflict, Renewal, and Hope

Errol Cooper
Christian Hospitality in the Age of Mass Incarceration: A Way Forward at First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens

William Barry Davidson
The Writing Of Prayers In The African American Church

Moise J. Dorsinville
Congregational Change: Leading toward a Hospitable Community within a Haitian Village

Derrick Dumas
Project Reconciliation: Building Stronger and Healthier Relationships in Christian Community

David Gipson
Too Busy To Pray: Using Application Technology To Connect Those In Need With Those Ready To Pray

Gregory Hardy
Adam Come Home: The Renewed Commitment of the Church to Encourage Black Men to Return to Their Faith Community

Claudia Gail Harrelson
Seeking Sustainability for the St. Paul and Mountain Grove United Methodist Churches Utilizing a Rural/Agricultural Model

Frankco Harris
Created to Worship: Moving the Church Beyond a Good Time

Bonnie L. Hollinger
A Journey of Saying Goodbye: Leading a Parish from Grief to Celebration

Judy Hunt
Smashing Silos and Creating Synergy: A Journey Toward Collaboration

Wilson S. Jones
Sunday Dinner with Jesus: Toward a More Sacramental Spirituality

Thomas Paul Lipnicki
Reclaiming Men's Spirituality Through A Renewal of the Knights of Columbus

Stephen Lopaz Love
Nourishment and Strength Ministries

Michael Pellegrino Luciano
A Pulpit Parable: Crafting and Communicating Symbol-Story for Semiotic Change

Rosie E. Magee
Living the Labyrinth: A Journey Toward New Life in Community

Laura Virginia O'Neil
Telling the Deep Stories, Freeing the Soul and Releasing the Spirit

Hillary Dowling Raining
Revisiting the Rite of Reconciliation: All May, Some Should, None Must

Kathleen Louise Roney
Iona Community Family Groups In America Prototypical Groundwork Whereby Clergy And Laymen Can Lead A More Christ-like Existence

Eleanor Pardue Slaton
Strengthening the Spiritual Formation of the Wilson's Mills Christian Church Congregation by Exploring the Ongoing Presence of the Holy Spirit

Matthew David Stewart
Living in Holy Saturday: Keeping Balance of Death and Resurrection in United Methodist Funerals

Selester Stewart
Losing the Lost Generation

Leston Greg Williams
Mentoring: Discussion Starters for Interns in Grace Communion International

Beth Ranck Yoder
Playing Our Prayers: Toward More Embodied, Participatory Worship