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 The Caspersen School of Graduate Studies : Doctor of Medical Humanities : 2017

Catherine Burns Konefal
Strengthening Ethical Boundaries by Understanding How Implicit Bias Affects Ethical Decision-Making: A Review of the Guatemala Study

Lisa M. De Dominicis
Patient-Physician Relationships: an examination of physician perspectives in stories for colleagues

Rebecca Louise Dufner-Mantore
Nursing Presence in the Preoperative Area

Amy Eisenberg
Meaning, Message, and Medicine: Integration of Communication Studies in the Medical Humanities Curriculum

Mary Elizabeth Grassi
Ad Rem Healers: A Study of Micropractitioners and Their Manner of Practice

Tara Jenner-Donaldson
Demanding Identities: How Medicalization Affects Infertile Women's Lives and Sense of Identity in Ireland and the United States

Jennifer Longo
Statistics Show One in Every Person Dies, Let's Talk About It

Frank Charles Merckx, II
Sexual Misconduct Education: Challenges of Educating International Students with Domestic Educational Assumptions