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 The Caspersen School of Graduate Studies : Doctor of Medical Humanities : 2015

Francesco Aristide Ancona
"Balm of Hurt Minds...Chief Nourisher of Life's Feast": The Tripartite Healing Nature of Dreams

Patricia Baxter
Patient Satisfaction with Communication From Hospitalists in an Acute Care Setting

Elizabeth A. Fehsenfeld
The Role of the Medical Humanities and Technologies in the 21st Century Undergraduate Medical Education Curriculum

Kevin Christopher Flynn
Medicine in Film: A Reflection on Society's Response to Healthcare

Kathleen Ann Kavanagh
Long-Term Care (LTC) Residents' Perceptions of Care After Humanistic Patient Narrative Theory In-Service Training to LTC Healthcare Professionals

Frances Figueroa Mal
A Comparison of Methodologies Used to Teach End-of-Life Care to Baccalaureate Nursing Students: Which Provides The Best Outcome?

Marcia E. Pindling
Pathogenesis of Domestic Violence Predator and Prey

Elizabeth Stallings
Literacy and Culture as Determinants of Health: Designing Education for Improved Outcomes

Stefania Moglia Willis
The Influence of Humanities Supported Dental Service Learning on Students' Perceptions of Social Responsibility and Professionalism Regarding Oral Healthcare Delivery