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 The College of Liberal Arts : Bachelor of Science : 2021

Angelo C. Angione
In Vitro Exploration of Androgen Receptor Mediated Neuroprotection of Testosterone in an Oxidative Stress Model of Alzheimer's Disease

Katelynn Fleming
Probing Particle Physics: The Search for New Physics in the WWγ Decay Mode with the ATLAS Detector at CERN

Matheus Macena de Carvalho
Single-Laser Optical Tweezers: Background, Applications, and Calibration Methods

Shivani Mody
The Search for Reliable Behavioral Assays to Model Parkinson's Disease in the Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans

Karishma S. Patel
Modeling and Manipulating Mutant Neurexins in Caenorhabditis elegans

Kayla Rockhill
Image Approximation by means of Error Minimization

Arman Sawhney
Investigating Intrinsic Immune Functions of IFI16 and IFIX

Robert Sutter
Role of Chromatin Structure in Immune Sensing of DNA

Kayla Witkowski
Exploring neuroprotective effect of a combined strategy of LM11A-31, Resveratrol, and Methylene Blue as a treatment for Alzheimer's Disease pathology: A pilot study