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 The College of Liberal Arts : Bachelor of Arts : 2014

Sandra C. Almeida
A Comparative Analysis of Arctic Risk Assessment of Methylmercury in Fish: Implications for the Inuit

Timothy Adrigan Andres
Linking the Past with Technology: Web Based Multimedia Annotation and Linking in the DM Project

Randa R. Barsoom
Drug Discovery Efforts Targeting Mutant p53 for the Treatment of Glioblastoma

Dana J. Baumgartner
Talk isn't Cheap: The Effects of Greenwashing on the Environment

Mariel Anna Caputo
Solitude, Spinsterhood, and Single Blessedness: The Brontës and Redundant Women in Nineteenth-Century Protestant England

Samantha A. Cassidy
Developing a novel co-culture model and testing the effects of placental derived stem cells on inflammation in Alzheimer's disease

Joel Chapman
Dr. George I. Sánchez, Mexican Americans, and the Transformative Impact of the Mask of Whiteness: 1946 1970

Nicholas D. Chiappini
Photooxidation of methoxyphenols on titanium dioxide aerosol surrogates

Katelyn Cusmano
The Effect of Metformin and Insulin on Neuronal Degeneration in a Glucose/Streptozotocin Model of Alzheimer's Disease

Claire J. Du Laney
'Monstrous Tricks with the Metre': The Creeds, Dante and Dorothy L. Sayers' Orthodoxy without Sentiment

Maria Falzone
Nutritional Studies on the Production of the Antibiotic Platensimycin by Streptomyces platensis

Gregory L. Gedman
Neurofunctional assessment in a neonatal rat model of focal cerebral ischemia following caffeine exposure

Khemani Gibson
The Life of the Invisible Black Hercules: West Indian Migration, Labor, and Communal Identity in Panama, 1881-1949

Mariel A. Hooper
Beppe Grillo and the Rise of the Five Stars Movement: An Examination of M5S in the Context of Italian Populism

Alae Zenab Kawam
Demystifying the Atmosphere with a Model Aerosol System: The Photo-enhanced Ozonolysis of Surface Adsorbed Organics

Sara Kerby
The Private Prison Industry's Role in the Immigration Industrial Complex

Hailee S. Kerr
Obligation as a Mediator in the Relationship between Moral Conviction and Activism

Mary G. Lamont
The Construction and Utilization of a Raman Spectrometer for the purpose of testing Surface-Enhancement

Christina R. Leriche
The Scientific Analysis, Reconstruction, and Cross Cultural Comparison of Human Trophy Items From the Americas

Caitlin Mattera
Death & All His Friends, Narration in Markus Zusak's The Book Thief

Eliza L. Mauhs-Pugh
Santiago Matamoros: Reconquista and Identity in Twelfth-Century Iberia

Evelyn E. Meisenbacher
The Aran Islander in the Late Irish Literary Renaissance: An Ecocritical Reading

Kyle J. Messina
Investigation of the Mechanism of Ca2+ Catalyzed RNA Phosphodiester Hydrolysis

Megan E. Modic
Waiting: The Implications of Abolishing the Subminimum Wage in the U.S Restaurant Industry

Inez P. Neto
Aimé Césaire: Une révolte poétique

Francine E. Odri
"You Will Always Be Known as a 'Betwixt and Between'": J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan and its Afterlives

Michelle Leah Opdyke
The Truth Undressed: The Complex Relationship Between Government Legislation, Renaissance Literature, and Women's Writings in Late Tudor England

Runi M. Patel
Screening and evaluation of small molecules targeting mutant p53 for potential cancer therapy

Karina P. Russ
The Importance of Framing: Maintaining Self-Control through Motivation

Rachel Marie Schachter
Religion of the Heart: Zinzendorfs Theology and its Implications for Sexuality in the Moravian Church Today

Robert Scheffler
Protein Factors Affecting the Small RNA Regulation

Corinne Schoch
Género, sexualidad y la renegociación de la masculinidad latina en los Estados Unidos: cuatro ejemplos fílmicos (2002-2012)

Zainab A. Sulaiman
"Alicia Could Have, Recy Should Have and Jezebel Didnt Want To": An Analysis of the Relationship Between the Jezebel Stereotype and Victim Blaming of Sexual Assault Survivors

Alicia N. Whavers
Wright and Ellison: Icons of African American Protest Literature

Rebecca Whetten-Goldstein
The Influence of Power on People's Preferences and Attention