Drew University Library : Electronic Theses and Dissertations
 The Theological School : Doctor of Philosophy : 2017

Shelley L. Dennis
Edible Entanglements: A Political Theology of Food

Ashley Boggan Dreff
Methodists and The New Morality: A Twentieth-Century History of Methodist Sexual Ethics

Theresa Marie Ellis
Consuming the Self: An Ecstatic Naturalist Exploration of Consumerism

James N. Hoke
Under God? A Queer and Feminist Subversion of Submission in Romans

Sarosh Koshy
Beyond Missio Dei: An Examination of Christian Witness

Wade A. Mitchell
Remembering Religion: Traces of a Mnemonic Nature

Nikolay Vasilev Petrov
Robert College of Constantinople: Crossroads of Faiths, Cultures and Empires, 1863 - 1913

A. Paige Rawson
Re-Membering the Bible Otherwise: An Archipelogical Hermeneutic of Bibliorality, Wisdom as Rhizome of Relation, & Other Poetic, Archipelagic Assemblages

Sara Rosenau
Becoming Church: An Ecclesiology of Failure, Embodied Politics, and Queer Grace

Leah Rachelle Thomas
Just Caring: An Interdisciplinary Feminist Approach to Ethical Pastorla Care with Women with Mental Illness