Drew University Library : Electronic Theses and Dissertations
 The Theological School : Doctor of Philosophy : 2016

Karen Bray
Unredeemed: A Political Theology of Affect, Time, and Worth

Sarah Emanuel
Roasting Rome: Humor, Resistance, and Jewish Cultural Persistence in the Book of Revelation

Christopher Alan Haynes
Take Authority to Preach the Word of God: Stratified Social Relationships Among Clergy in a United Methodist Annual Conference

Charon Hribar
Poverty in the Midst of Plenty: Structural Violence, Liberationist Ethics, and the Right to Not Be Poor

Nam Joong Kim
Preaching for Social Transformation and Anti-Discrimination in the Context of the Korean Presbyterian Church (1990-2012)

Michael Joseph Oliver
Limits to Attempted Remedies of the Problem of Exclusion in Christian Discourse: Divine Choice as a Case Study

Matthew Timothy Riley
Reading Beyond Roots: The Theological and Weberian Aspects of Lynn White's Scholarship

Kelly M. Robbins
Appeals For Compassion: The Uses of Anthropomorphism and Sentimentality in Animal Advocacy Campaigns

Louis Benji Rolsky
Norman Lear and the Spiritual Politics of Religious Liberalism

Lydia York
Chora: Feminist Theological Cosmology and Psychoanalysis in an Age of Teletechnology