Drew University Library : University Archives : Theses and Dissertations
 The Caspersen School of Graduate Studies : Doctor of Letters : 2023

Anne Ingrid Abrams
Stitching the Wounds: A Literary Response to Trauma

Carolyn Woodland Boulware
Laughin' It Up and Lyin' in the Unpublished Plays and Skits of Zora Neale Hurston (An Analysis of Zora Neale Hurston's Humor)

Angelina Brown
The Price of Admission: Survivor Guilt and Cultural Mismatch in First-Generation College Students

Sharon Y Feigin
To The Warehouse

Yessenia Guglielmi
White Magic: The Intersection and Application of Magical Realism And Transpersonal Psychology

Daniel Thomas Jennings
Irish Impact on the American Revolution and its Role in Irish Acceptance in the United States

Kristina Kenny
Lessons in Literary Activism: Works of Influence in Postmodern Women's Literature (1960-1979)

Wayne B Miller
Eugenics and the Immigration Restriction Movement in the Progressive Era

Rebeca C. Rivera-Robayo
Cuéntame: Tell Me Their Story

Georgeanna Spagnolo
Art that is Not So New: Tracing Aesthetics and Thematic Elements of the Pre-Raphaelites, Arts and Crafts, and Art Nouveau Movements