Drew University Library : University Archives : Theses and Dissertations
 The Caspersen School of Graduate Studies : Doctor of Letters : 2016

Wendy Barnes
Wetlands Rise: Poems and a Critical Introduction

Tara Brugnoni
Ink Evolution: From Freakish to Fine Art

Brigid Burke
Devaluing the Earth: Salvation, Immortality and the Status of Women in Religion: a Depth Psychology Approach

Judith E. Campbell
A Fenian Marriage: The Life of Mary Jane O'Donovan Rossa with Her Husband Jeremiah

Michael Dee
Roots of Charles Darwin's Creativity

Jay M. Eisenberg
John Stuart Mill's Philosophy of History

Gabriel Ertsgaard
Saint Brendan's Green Voyage: Sustainable Insights from a Medieval Irish Legend

Jaclyn Renee Harte
In Search of Lost Women

Patrice Marie Kelly
Harvesting Sketches from a Community of Gardeners

Maximillian Joseph Orsini
The Buddhist Beat Poetics of Diane di Prima and Lenore Kandel

Renee Ann Pistone
Humanities in Film: A Reflection on Cinematic Characters' Grief Responses

Christopher Jacob Reiss
The History of Academia: From the Cradle of Civilization to Plato’s Academy, the University, Departmentalization, Interdisciplinary Programs, International Affiliates and Strategic Business Solutions

Susan Kaye Rothbard
How Not to Pack a Suitcase

Helena Ann Swanicke
How Women are Portrayed in Romantic Comedies Pillow Talk (1959) and When Harry Met Sally (1989)