Drew University Library : University Archives : Theses and Dissertations
 The Caspersen School of Graduate Studies : Doctor of Letters : 2014

Hee Sook Ahn
The Soup of Salvation: John Wesley's Recipe for Conversion

Edwin Arenas
Pope John Paul II's Papal Encyclical On Human Labor Labor, Solidarity's Blueprint

Carol M. Barnett
Paradigm Shift in Public Education: Ridge and Valley Charter School 2000 - 2014

William Lyman Bradley
The Lives Of Saint Patrick: An Original Screenplay

Mark Richard DeBiasse
The Founding Fathers and Politics in the Early Republic: Mythmaking in the Educational Community

Christopher John Feeley
Fifteen Years On: An Eeamination of the Irish Famine Curricula in New York and New Jersey

Luke Frangione
Back to Ithaca

Daniel Cube Gunn
Hugh Hefner's God: Religion in Playboy Magazine

Tracy Renee Handerhan
Spiritual Tyranny?: An Examination of Post-Famine Clerical Influence in the Lough Mask Region

Patrick Ketch
"Such Persuasive Influence": The Irish Influence on Boxing and Baseball in America

Kurt R. Kilanowski
Isabella Stewart Gardner and 'The Spirit of Place': A Spiritual Journey Through the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Francis Xavier Klose
"No Rigid Uniformity?" Music in the American Roman Catholic Liturgy Since the Second Vatican Council

Sarah Doris Lawler
Visions and Revisions: Isolation, Marginalization and Infanticide in Euripides' Medea and Toni Morrison's Beloved

Sophia Melanie Manning
Milk and Honey, A Metaphor for Power and Money

Julie Ann McWilliams
The Other Side of the Canvas - George Mueller: his life and work through the aesthetic lens of John Dewey

Ann McKinstry Micou
Here in New Jersey: Place in the Fiction of Philip Roth, Richard Ford, and Junot Diaz

Robert James Murray
A Man Called Gall

Anthony Michael Orlando
The Great Divorce: Love and Marriage in Great War Literature

Lawrence Evan Schneider
Fighting Jews: The Myth of Jewish Passivity in the Early Twentieth Century